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We're really rather pleased to be on the Web Design and Content Management Services, Lot 6 of the Government Procurement Service Software Application Solutions framework agreement. This means we can bring our user-centric design skills, knowledge of accessibility and vendor-neutral approach to your public sector projects. And the great part for you is that the majority of the procurement process is already done.

If your organisation is part of UK public sector, then you can benefit from using the Government Procurement Service frameworks and agreements, which enable you to improve value for money and efficiency.

We actually think we're quite different to other suppliers on this framework agreement. Bringing our user-centric methodology, user-testing and research skills to each project alongside our demonstrable technical expertise means that we're delivering more than just a technical implementation. We're delivering you systems that will work.

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Benefits of the Buying Solutions framework agreement

EU Compliance – customers have reassurance that they are using a fully EU-compliant service.

Quicker Access – the OJEU procurement process, which takes several months, has already taken place.

Competitive pricing – through the competitive tender process and regular benchmarking Government Procurement Service ensures customers have access to the most competitive deals.

Wide choice – access to over 500,000 goods and services through over 1,500 suppliers.

Best practice procurement – suppliers are carefully evaluated and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards.

Choosing the best supplier - the Government Procurement Service website includes the facility for customers to run further competitions across a particular Lot within the framwork agreement, to meet their specific requirements. The website offers step by step guides for ease of use.

Ease of ordering – Government Procurement Service provides template order forms for customers to use which detail the framework agreement applicable and alternative or additional clauses.

No financial limits – there is no legal limit on the quantity or value of orders customers can place.

Support - Government Procurement Service offers customers advice and support when required

Free service – customers are not charged for using the Government Procurement Service framework agreement or services.

Benefits of using Reading Room

Technology-agnostic approach – we’re not wedded to a single CMS supplier or technology. We’re equally capable of implementing Microsoft technologies, Java or LAMP, and have extensive experience of implementing content management systems across all of these technologies. This means we’re in position to recommend you the best solution for your needs, not the only one we understand.

Industry-leading user-centric design practices – Our strategic services division provides leading usability and user experience design capabilities, to ensure that any implementation not only works technically, but works for your end users too.

A long history of success in the public sector – Our experience spans organisations as diverse as Norfolk Police, the Department of Health and Knowsley Council. Over the course of our 14 years, we’ve undertaken hundreds of public sector projects. This means we understand a lot about how you work, and how to work best alongside you.

A holistic view of website implementation – It’s not just technology. Our skill is in bringing world-beating design and strategy into our projects. It means your website is not just a success in terms of implementation, but in terms of meeting business goals and user needs. We also understand that this is a partnership – we don’t leave at the end of an implementation project; we’re there to provide ongoing support, analysis and help for the duration of the account.

Independently owned and managed – it might seem unimportant, but it means we’re in a position to be a lot more flexible than many of our larger, shareholder-run contemporaries. It means we can act fast and decisively when we see a need to, and pass that benefit onto you.

Framework Details

Framework Agreement Code:
Framework Agreement Title:
SOFTWARE APPLICATION SOLUTIONS - Web Design And Content Management Services
Framework Agreement Effective From
Framework Agreement Expires

Framework Agreement Description

Whether you need a new website or changes to existing functionality the service providers in this Lot will have the capability to meet your needs. Service providers have been selected with the expertise and experience in delivering the online interface and content management solutions to meet the requirements of your organisation. This Lot can be utilised to deliver a full end to end solutions or any part of it from consultancy, design & testing, hosting to implementation and training. Suppliers provide innovative solutions offering solution identification, design, development, implementation, data take-on, data migration, integration and security; user training, maintenance and support.

Services Available Through Buying Solutions

Our full list of services available through the Government Procurement Service includes:

Technical Services

Our technical skills always start from a strategic position, allowing us to understand your business challenges before beginning the implementation. Just another reason why we deliver you systems that work. Our technical content management (CMS) services include

  • Definition of Digital Communications Strategy
  • CMS implementation and development
  • Database creation and management
  • Integration with existing systems such as active directory, CRM, online bookings etc
  • Full hosting set up & management
  • Full managed services, including support and maintenance
  • Vendor selection
  • Creative design
  • Definition and testing of Information Architecture
  • Template development
  • Full accessibility and usability and compliance

Strategic Services

In order to help further define strategy, we offer further in-house user-focused qualitative and quantitative research as part of our process. As experts in user experience and accessibility we always ensure that we deliver an effective and rewarding experience for the visitor, and we ensure this by providing the following:

  • Full user research services
  • Desktop research including both qualitative and quantitative
  • Setting and management of user focus groups
  • Stakeholder and business workshops
  • Card sorting exercises
  • Site and content audits
  • Usability and accessibility surveys and audits

Analytics Services

We have the skills and insights to work out what is important to track, to suggest workable Key Performance Indicators, and use these metrics to influence future site development and alterations. These services include:

  • Metrics and post-launch tracking and reporting services
  • Effectiveness management services
  • Ongoing strategic reviews and analysis of both digital and public sector trends and opportunities
  • Regular engagement with key stakeholders to measure if needs are being met (through both qualitative and quantitative means)

Marketing and Campaign Services

We undertake digital communication campaigns which cover email marketing, search marketing, micro-sites, online polls, online advertising and other digital delivery methods which help our clients achieve their varied objectives. We provide:

  • Development of digital marketing strategies
  • Online PR
  • Tactical campaigns
  • Flash & HTML mini-site development
  • Banners and other rich media executions
  • SEO / SEM / PCC etc
  • Podcasting, community and collaborative functionality
  • Video production
  • Illustration and flash animation services
  • Design and implantation of email marketing and e-CRM programmes
  • Campaign tracking and management
  • Facebook and social networking applications design and development

Useful Contacts

If you'd like to speak to Reading Room about potential Government Procurement Service projects, please contact us:

Adam Portlock
t: 020 7173 2800

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about Government Procurement Service then please contact them directly or visit their website

t: 0345 410 2222