independently intelligent. uniquely engadging

'Process' might sound a bit impersonal. We know, though, that every project is different and we tailor them accordingly. The process is simply what gets it done - smartly, effectively and on time.

We use our unique project process for clients both big and small - for projects from £1k to £1m. It works - and we have hundreds of happy clients spanning more than a decade to prove it.

What makes our clients really happy, though, is not just delivering what we promised at the beginning, but something far more than that. We'll call it 'magic' and it comes at no extra cost.

'Magic' is what people with huge knowledge, expertise and a fair amount of inspiration and perspiration sprinkle on a project that takes it from being just a great proposal to an even better result. The project evolves through its lifetime.

The right team for you

First of all we allocate an account manager and a dedicated team who will plan, co-ordinate and drive your project forward from proposal through to sign-off. They are selected from our divisions to provide a best-fit in terms of culture, expertise and with your organisation.

Kicking off

We work to understand your goals. This can mean workshops, discussions or lots of user research - our tactics depend on the project. Input comes from strategists, designers, information architecture (IA) experts and technical developers.

From this we develop design concepts and IA - giving you exactly what you want.

Taking shape

The design concepts are put online. You can start to test how the IA works and we can start to test the accessibility and site construct.

While we are doing this the team is fine tuning the user requirements into technical documents so we can build the interactive components and implement the content management system that sits behind the website.

The really clever bit

We put the functionality and the design together into a functional prototype which allows you to test (with external users also) and feed back amends to both the content layout and to the functional spec BEFORE the site is built.

The whole process means it's quicker, easier and more cost-effective with us.

Actually the easy bit

The process also means that doing the techie build (so often the nightmare in many web projects) actually turns out to be the easy part.

Fine tuning

We allow plenty of opportunity to make sure everything is working perfectly - with further user testing if necessary.

A long term relationship

We want to make a difference to your business. Often, the longer we work with clients the greater impact we have as we build and evolve our knowledge of their aims and audiences. Clients are usually so happy with the first project we do for them, that they want to come back for more… and more…