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We're a full service digital consultancy - we provide everything under one roof, from lustrous creative designs to tight technical services. Here's a list of what we can do for you:

Getting your strategy right

Your business

We relate your digital communications strategy to your overall business goals.

Creative Ideas

We have years of experience in generating sparkling, lucid and original ideas that make digital communications work.

Stunning User Experience

User research

We're nosey. We like finding out about your audiences - what they do, what they like, what they eat for breakfast - that kind of stuff. It helps us to make something they're going to love.


We make sure your digital communications can be viewed by everyone.


Creative concepts and striking design are an essential part of delivering great interactive experiences to users. Creativity seeps from our very pores - and it smells sweet.

Information Architecture

We like simplicity. We make sure that users can always find the information they want to find on a website without having to go on a safari.

Digital communication is about conversations

Membership sites

Websites provide perfect platforms for you to have dialogue with your members. Talk to them and find out what they've got to say to you. We've loads of experience helping membership associations increase their membership and talk in new ways to their members.


We have implemented e-commerce projects that have dramatically improved revenues for clients ranging from car manufacturers to major charities.

The technical bit

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We developed one of the very first Content Management Systems in 1997. We are technologically pragmatic, choosing the CMS solution that best fits the needs of our client rather than slavishly following one type of system.

We are leading partners with CMS providers Tridion, Sitecore, Alterian and also offer a wide range of open source CMS solutions.


We have implemented e-commerce projects that have dramatically improved revenues for clients ranging from car manufacturers to major charities.

Managed Services

After sites go live they need technical support to make sure everything's running well. We have provided this service for many big projects to make sure that the site is operating effectively after it has gone live.


We'll not only design your website but host it as well. Keeping everything under one roof means that we can make sure everything runs smoothly - from small single server sites to sites spread across a number of different servers.


We make sure that your website meshes effectively with your existing offline eCRM and transactional systems.

Specialist services


We'd say that our people are our most important asset, in common with most organisations. Your website could be a fantastic tool for recruiting the right people. We build engaging and technology-leading websites that can attract the people that you need.

Web 2.0 / Social Networking

Web 2.0 is probably the most vague, over-used and poorly understood term in digital communications. But we focus on what social networks, online communities, user-generated content and interactivity can objectively deliver to organisations. Our interactive marketing division has extensive experience of delivering measurable value through social networking.

Getting yourself heard

Campaign Microsites

We've delivered numerous campaign microsites for all kinds of organisations. They focus very specifically on particular targets which can be anything from raising awareness about an issue to generating income.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing campaigns can snowball through the digital world like a big information avalanche, changing perceptions, driving traffic and boosting income - and covering everyone with snowflakes. Our interactive marketing division uses viral marketing to achieve a variety of different aims.


If 80% of internet users begin their journey with a search, what is the best way to ensure that your brand is noticed? Reading Room have extensive experience in running what we call "Intelligent PPC" campaigns that return real value for money. By ensuring we take advantage of all search engines and the keyword "long-tail", we can help deliver the best possible ROI.


"If we can't find you on Google, you don't exist, baby."
Search Engine Optimisation or 'how to engineer search results to your advantage' is an essential part of the positioning of most sites. We have dedicated SEO experts to help your website receive maximum exposure.

Display Advertising

We don't like to treat online advertising in isolation, so when we produce display advertising, we consider it as part of the overall communications project. We look to produce landing pages that work alongside the advertising to produce a seamless, integrated experience. Our talent is in producing interactive advertising that drives effective response.