Funded and supported by Elton John AIDS Foundation. Funded and supported by Elton John AIDS Foundation. Funded and supported by Elton John AIDS Foundation.

MyHIV website

Reading Room created a complex and intelligent digital personalisation strategy which filters content depending on the type of user and is proving to be a life changing service for many people.


With around 86,500 people living with HIV in the UK and approximately a further 7,000 people being diagnosed every year, the pressure on the NHS to provide support to them is rapidly increasing. With a diverse audience reach that spans the width and breadth of the UK, it was important for the site to be accessible to different user-types and to speak to them in a language they can identify with. Terrence Higgins Trust wanted a website to provide round the clock support to these individuals in the hope of easing the mounting pressure on the NHS, complementing face to face support.

Our solution

My HIV is unmatched in its originality and adds life-saving new dimensions in the form of self-management and peer support. The intelligent digital personalisation strategy allows health information and support to be successfully relayed to those living with HIV in a way that has never been attempted before. Through the strategy and functionality of the site, traditional outlets for support have been irrevocably changed.

In order to make this online service a success and have real relevancy to its diverse users, My HIV needed to carry complex and intelligent personalisation capabilities. A large part of the new website and condition management portal is around identifying which audience group the user is part of, either through implicit or explicit personalisation, and serve content, services and functionality specifically tailored for that audience group.

The power behind My HIV comes from the personalised journey it offers to users. The charity has very distinct audiences with different health information needs. So each audience group is provided with custom messaging, tailored in three different ways.

  1. User chooses a 'persona' with the options 'Gay', 'African', 'Young' and 'Everyone' through the control panel on the right, this determines what content they see.
  2. Gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, date of diagnosis and location are all captured at registration. These are used to serve up tailored content.
  3. If the visitor is a new user and hasn't made a persona choice or registered, the most relevant version is displayed according to the pages they have browsed so far in their current session


We are incredibly proud to have created a site that stands out from the crowd because it's the only online service of this kind for people living with HIV in the UK.

The level of support services for people living with HIV varies across the country. My HIV breaks down those geographical barriers with anyone being able to register and take full use of the online service.

Terrence Higgins Trust have already seen a massive return on investment in the impact the service is providing, enabling its users to take control of their condition management, track their health and seek support from health professionals and more importantly, each other.

The solution has returned some impressive results which are already exceeding initial expectations and targets:

  • Around 2,000 people have registered in the first 8 months; the target for year 1 was 574.
  • Approximately 30% of registrants have already started to use the forum
  • The site has witnessed 1,800 forum posts with over 80 topic threads
  • Currently there are 311 individuals using the CD4 health tracker
  • Over 700 people have signed up for the newsletters; the target for newsletter sign-ups was 500
  • The site has gained 25,000 visits since its launch, with an impressive 160,000+ page views
  • 43% of users are returning visitors
  • The average time spent on the site is 6.12min, well above average and more than double that of the main THT site

Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive for THT commented, "My HIV is a very exciting new type of service provision and comes at a critical time to support the high numbers of people living with HIV in the UK. HIV is a complex condition so it's vital that people get the best possible level of support, accessible in a multitude of ways, to ensure they remain healthy. Thanks to the Elton John AIDS Foundation these services will revolutionise support for people with HIV, helping them to manage their health and treatment more effectively."


The site has been recognised for its innovation, design and content in a string of recent award wins:

  • Winner: Sitecore Site of the Year Best Not for Profit Site
  • Winner: Guardian Public Services Awards for Innovation and Progress in Customer Service
  • Winner: Stevie International Business Awards
  • Shortlisted: Charity Times Awards
  • Shortlisted: Blades Awards for not for profit
  • The site has gained 25,000 visits since its launch, with an impressive 160,000+ page views