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‘Tam Joseph is back in Soho!’ – By Tam Joseph

10th March – 10th April 2014

“It’s great to be showing in this artistic, lively quarter of Central London, where I last worked in the late 1960s. As the historic hunters cried and tourist blurb informs - it is ‘never quiet ’ - a constantly changing quarter of the metropolis.

The works represented in the Reading Room date from 1981 to 2013.

The inspirational source of my work is the Earth, and all the beauty that I can see in it everywhere - even in the quotidian detail of life. Some works reflect my Caribbean heritage and early years growing up in London during the mid 1950s.

I enjoyed working on Moqtar and Golden rules as these are all executed in pencil, a favoured medium. The association of ideas and linking of different strands of thought that stretch across long periods of history is an area where I have lots of fun, and Mr. Frog has the last laugh is a prime example that has a metaphorical association with the changing use of telephony on the streets of London.

I view the whole world as an inexhaustible playpen. We should all be able to wander where we please (with due respect to the values and culture of others) without running the risk of losing our lives or liberty as a consequence. ”

Tam Joseph 2014

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