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‘Miss Kiki's Myabi’ – by Miss Kiki Salon
10th February 2014 – 7th March 2014

The surreal object. An enigma that leads the subconscious to the role of storyteller using fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition whereby narratives arise that may or may not be real.. The objects that became the inspiration for this collection of eight silk dresses belong to Miss Kiki Salon; they are treasured objects that she believes tell a story – a bird’s nest, a vintage evening bag complete with lipstick traces and a calling card, an art deco mirror, elegant gloves made from the softest ivory leather.

‘Caught Unaware’ – A collection by Paul Vyse
6th January 2014 – 7th February 2014

“I’ve always drawn and painted – done lots of published illustration work – but only in the last few years have started painting on canvas properly, something I’ve always wanted to do... My work tends to be inspired by life around me – people caught unawares, or in relation to their surroundings... kind of ‘reportage’ painting, I guess.” Paul Vyse is a Graphic Designer and artist. He graduated from Canterbury College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design in 1988.

‘Chosen Ones’ – A collection by Karena Keys
7th October 2013 – 22nd November 2013

Reading Room is proud to congratulate Karena Keys, the winner of the 3rd Annual Reading Room CAPO London Exhibition Award - an award open to all emerging Australian visual artists. The award was presented by at the annual Capital Arts Patrons' Organisation auction fundraiser last year and we are now delighted to exhibit Karena's work, Chosen Ones. Karena’s work combines traditional and innovative paint and textile processes. The focus of this exhibition is space, as it exists in art in its least tangible form – an intuitive dimension that is the result of a corporeal encounter with the work. This notion of space is explored through the paradoxical elements inherent to paint’s materiality and tradition.

‘London Calling’ – A collection by K42
9th September 2013 – 4th October 2013

K42 is a non-governmental organization whose main goal is to promote contemporary art. They are a large collective of artists of different styles, showing a variety of different opinions, which critiques modern Serbian society. The museum of contemporary art of Belgrade in Serbia’s capital has been closed for 10 years. Therefore, K42 decided to come up with a project called ‘London Calling'. This has drawn the attention of both the local community and international connoisseurs of contemporary art to their problem. The idea is very simple, K42 resolved to create a new art space of contemporary artists printed onto t-shirts, becoming a walking billboard, or "Mobile Museum of Contemporary Art".

‘Love and War’ – by Susan Paine
5th August 2013 – 6th September 2013

Susan Paine often works by creating a collage then bringing it forward, sometimes in several different versions. Where a collage has been the basis for a painting the result may be mixed media, mainly oils but sometimes watercolour, ink, acrylics or other media. Often the second version of a subject will consist of layers of paint without the collage base. Susan tends to build up planes of colour, often over-painting earlier versions eventually to create a work compatible to the whole.

‘Sex Shops’ – by Jane Hall
3rd June 2013 – 19th July 2013

With its sex shops, strip joints, lap dance clubs and massage parlours, the Soho area of London has always been at the heart of the capital’s sex scene, and it’s the gaudy neon-lit frontages of Soho’s assorted adult venues that provide the inspiration for a new body of work by the artist Jane Hall.

‘To All Who Come To This Happy Place’ – by Jonathan Alibone
29th April - 31st May 2013

The works presented in this exhibition can be read as an articulation of the uncertainty and irreconcilable antagonisms inherent in our existence. They offer a critical interrogation of western culture’s beliefs and values, and an exploration of the conflicted territory between such opposing concepts as: faith and doubt, reality and fantasy, the enduring and the transient, and physical desire versus spiritual longing.

'Behind the Scenes' – By Eddie Botsio
4th March – 26th April 2013

'Behind The Scenes', the second exhibition of photographs by BBC journalist, Eddie Botsio, will showcase the British media and public figures in relaxed mode. This is a follow up to Eddie's highly successful first exhibition 'In and Out of the Public Eye', as a result of which two portraits – Nick Hewer, 'The Apprentice' (BBC1) and Countdown (Channel 4), and Tony Ageh, BBC Controller of Archive Development – were acquired by the National Portrait Gallery.

The Escape – By Ross Cheam
14th January – 27th February 2013

For me; film, television, and animation are about being taken to new worlds and being told an exciting and thrilling story. It's about those films that grip you from the very beginning, the scenes that give you goosebumps or that epic battle that has you on the edge of your seat. It's the appeal of a place where the unexpected can happen or things that you would never do in normal life can be done. It is all about the escape.

Stand Tall, Get Snapped: 30 HIV+ People
19th November 2012 – 3rd January 2013

The inspiration for this project came directly from my experience of taking PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) after exposure to the HIV virus, following impulsive unprotected sex with a partner who I knew was HIV+. The medication had severe and very unpleasant side effects, which aroused intense feeling and prompted on my part, as to what it must be like to actually have a positive HIV diagnosis.

22nd October – 15th November 2012

Andrew Brady is such an artist and an outstanding talent. He doesn't see the great tradition as a corpus to be slavishly copied but as a launching pad for an artist who is very much of his time and determined to take oil on canvas onward and upward.

Winner of the Reading Room/CAPO London Exhibition Award
3rd September – 12th September 2012

Linzie Ellis is the winner of the Reading Room/ CAPO London Exhibition Award 2011. The Capital Arts Patrons Organisation is a volunteer non-profit organisation that has supported Australia’s ACT region's artists for 29 years.

20th August – 31st August 2012

“I first became aware of Nigel Mason’s work as I drifted through the art-dealing labyrinth of streets around Christie’s in St. James’ with my son Austin and friend, broadcaster and journalist Michael Murphy. One of Nigel’s eye-catching paintings called out to me from the hands of an art dealer friend. Descending into my friend’s small space we were soon chatting about Mason’s work and my friend telling me he had bought the picture for himself. He deals purely in 19th century art – and he, like me, thought it a great painting.

16th July – 18th August 2012

We're delighted to welcome Paul back after a successful exhibition in 2010. With the London 2012 Olympics upon us, we're incredibly excited to exhibit his observant works which detail the great host city in his own unique style.

18th June – 6th July 2012

Submerse is a series of works within a continuing larger project Magnetic North by Marcus Diamond. Looking at the topology of key sites throughout the northern landscape, with its themes of absence, occupancy and reaction, the work questions how people move through, and react to, a specific place.

Loss of Innocence
21st May – 14th June 2012

Devlin and Kennedy Crow's work looks at the rites of passage and the journey through childhood to adolescence, exploring how imagination and adventure are important in the games boys and girls play. Newspaper reports are so often sensationalist and talk about a rise in violent acts being carried out by some children. Devlin and Kennedy's work questions if this is the case. If so, why and how do innocent children become corrupted or overly aggressive?

Harald Mahrenholz – A rediscovered post-expressionist
16th April – 18th May 2012

If you cast your mind back a hundred years you could imagine Harald Mahrenholz painting en plein air with the fauvists in some sunny Provencal meadow. He shares their love of primary colours, fluid style and spontaneous response to nature. Viewing his work you find constant echoes of the vibrant canvases of Matisse, Vlaminck, Derain, Van Dongen and Marquet.

Steadwood & Elsewhere
28th February – 5th April 2012

“Edwin Cripps, is a self-taught painter but with such extraordinary innate technical ability that it would make our Tracy weep. I would compare Cripps to the finest German painters of the early twentieth century – indeed I'd place him with the Neue Sachlichkeit movement led by Otto Dix and Gorge Grotz. I can even see the influence of a much earlier artist – Bosch.

Evolution: An Odyssey
23rd January – 24th February 2012

Kym Haverson (b. Salisbury, UK, 1985) graduated in 3D Design from Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds. After graduating in 2007, Kym worked as a graphic designer for Populous, an international architectural firm in Brisbane. Returning to the UK in 2008, she divided her time between painting and freelance work in advertising agencies across London and Norwich. It wasn't until May 2011, Kym decided to devote herself completely to art.

Secret Window
12th December 2011 – 20th January 2012

Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind. After the success of running two national art exhibitions, they are proud to be involved with this new direction in exhibiting the highly visual work of two young artists, both of whom have Usher Syndrome.

A Thousand Words
7th November – 9th December 2011

Children's portraits by Dairo Vargas and Barnardo's students. Inspiring children through art and fostering an environment where they can develop interests and passions is a powerful way to help them through their difficulties.

Two Shoes Playing with fire
3rd October – 4th November 2011

The controversial pieces in the collection will be their work with the use of fire and the creations that evolve when it comes into contact with children’s toys.

In and Out of the Public Eye
5th – 30th September 2011

Stars turn out to support Raleigh International’s new bursary scheme.


Irreverent and revealing inter-species sculptures that put a spin on the conventions of portraiture, and related drawings.

One More for the Road!
18th July – 12th August

The title of the show, the colloquial exhortation heard at the conclusion of many an evening spent within the environs of Soho, is an apt one; the four artists are all associated with and draw their influences from that social vortex located within the square mile or so bounded by Oxford Street ,Charring Cross Road, Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue.

FORTY YEARS AND MORE IN THE TAKING: The John Thornton Retrospective
6th June - 15th July 2011

During the 1970s and 80s John Thornton’s wittily erotic and often surreal images captured the spirit of the times.

26th April – 3rd June

River presents recent intaglio and relief prints on paper by Australian printmaker Antonia Aitken.


In 2003 a group of local photographers who all had children with Down's syndrome and they put up a small exhibition for Down's syndrome awareness week.


The series of pictures collectively titled 'OWL MASK FUNNIES' represent the visions of a sleepwalker – what he sees with his eyes shut, perhaps what he sees with his inner eye.

4th October – 12th November 2010

Yukako Sakakura graduated from the Glasgow School of Art painting and printmaking department in 2008.

Since then, she has exhibited internationally in Japan, Scotland, England, France and Germany, and has collaborated in cross-cultural projects.

15th November - 24th December 2010

Bobby Tonge works in paper mache and bronze.

He was a resident artist in a bronze foundry in Paris and exhibited many times.

23rd August – 1st October 2010

Reading Room Gallery presents John's patchwork and appliqué Picture Coats & Wallhangings together with original drawings.…

20th July – 20th August 2010

What is the 'Interference'? It is simply the stuff that gets in-between the last thing you did and the next, when time stands still and one is momentarily lost…

In Noj Barker'scase, it is a dazzling meditation for the viewer to appreciate in this body of work.

3rd May – 11th June

The interaction of light in relation to spaces is strongly portrayed in Eduardo’s work. His compositions consist of a fine balance between light and shadows. The range of his colour palette is dictated by the natural environment where Eduardo enjoys painting.

Eduardo was born in Spain and now lives and works in London.

8th March - 16th April 2010

Reading Room unveils 15 new works by Hiles which concentrate on detailed London scenes and feature Hiles' trademark red London buses - a humorous and distinctive light touch to the pencil drawn, intricate black and white pieces of work.

2nd October - 13th November

Coming from a design background, Graz has spent 5 years collecting these slices of antiquity; appreciating their aesthetic beauty in form, subject and colour.

8th February - 2nd March 2010

‘Miss Kiki Salon Presents...’ brings together a collective of exceptional artists to form the beginning of an art/fashion concept that is initiating a new movement in art and culture. Under the inspired and nurturing eye of Miss Kiki’s Salon, the artists’ collective is growing and the momentum has brought about a number of innovative ideas that bring art to the forefront of our daily lives.

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