The Department for Children, Schools and Families launches online community for sharing information

17/04/2009 - London

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has launched an online community where commissioners of children's services can communicate and share information online for the first time. The campaign has been managed by the Commissioning Support Programme, which is jointly sponsored by DCSF and DH.

The commissioning support site provides for the first time a dedicated site where all those with a role in the commissioning of children's services in England can come together to share ways of working and explore joint approaches to problem solving. It provides all groups with easy access to policy papers, research, video, case studies and statistics and collaborative tools such as wikis, forums, journals and media libraries.

The facilities being provided represent a significant step in building capability for the commissioning community in England and Wales as it allows everyone concerned with the wellbeing of children to share ideas and to improve practices in a consistent and mutually supportive way. This has been difficult in the past.

Reading Room has worked closely with the Commissioning Support Programme and key stakeholders to ensure that the new site has an appropriate look and feel.

Margaret Manning, CEO at Reading Room, says "We worked hard with the Commissioning Support Programme team and believe that the website demonstrates how Reading Room can deliver complicated projects within a short timescale. The website we have created clearly shows our ability to provide a solution which can communicate to a wide range of different users in an engagin and interesting way.

Following this successful launch the Commissioning Support Programme and Reading Room will continue to work closely together with further upgrades to the site such as the ability to allow commissioners to conduct self assessments.

Visit the Commissioning Support website