Reading Room consults with organisations large and small to help them transform their business and to benefit from digital change.

True digital transformation requires an understanding of 3 core areas. Success depends on the ability to understand a problem and recommend a solution that takes into account all 3 of these areas.

Business. Despite the current fad for user-centricity, we believe consultancy needs to start with a client’s business. At the risk of stating the obvious, what problem does the business have? Unless you’re a start-up looking for a problem to solve, then this is the logical starting point. Marketing, operations, sales, supply, logistics, R&D - the problem could stem from anywhere within the business.

People. If the business defines the problem, then the solution almost always stems from the user. Or, to talk more plainly, from people. People don’t always know what they want (or what it’s possible to want) so this isn’t always just a case of sitting down and asking. Different methods of understanding people, from empirical experiments, interviews, ethnography and psychology are vital to bring a complete view of how people might provide the answer to your problem.

Technology. When people talk about disruption, what they’re talking about is the changes wrought to business due to the rapid development of technology. To help organisations through a digital transformation program, it is vital to have an understanding of what is at the heart of the matter - technology. How it is changing, how it may change in the future, and strategies for dealing with this change.

Our consultancy department is therefore set up to provide solutions across one or more of these 3 areas, providing you with either specific areas of need, or an entire digital transformation program.

Reading Room don’t consult in a vacuum. We have 20 years experience of building on the web that helps inform our ideas. We understand how to deliver beyond a PowerPoint presentation, and we understand how to make our ideas real. Our consulting work feeds directly into our Blueprint, an iterative strategic document that guides every piece of work we make, allowing us to move seamlessly from consulting for your business to creating the work that will make you more successful.

Hopefully, you might now be interested in where we’ve done this before or what we think about the digital world.

Or, you might want to contact us about a piece of work you have in mind. In which case, we’d love it if you emailed us or called our new business team on 020 7173 2800