Work We Make

Reading Room make websites, apps, digital content and online platforms for clients all around the globe. We scope, plan, design and build work that makes a measurable difference to our clients. Or as we like to say, we make work that is useful.

So what do we actually make?

We make a wide variety of digital work for clients of all shapes and sizes. Broadly however, they can be grouped into the following:

Website design & build

Building a search-optimised, socially-integrated, content-managed, lead-generating website is hard. There’s likely lots of moving parts, lots of stakeholders and a user base with high expectations. Our teams have the skills needed to deliver.

Service design & platform delivery

Online service design needs deeper thought around interface design, business processes and knowledge of user interaction. Whether rebuilding an existing set of services like an intranet, or helping a client channel shift services online, or creating entirely new online services, our teams have the specialist skills necessary to deliver.

Content creation.

Digital platforms – from websites to social media to mobile apps – offer incredible opportunities to engage with customers new and old. The most potent instrument clients have for achieving this is content. We can help clients create web-first content for distribution online.

Digital brand development

Now that the majority of user interactions with a brand are through digital touchpoints (website, mobile site, email, social media) we believe brands need to be designed digital-first. And so our brand development service specialises in developing brands in a digital space. Movement, interaction, even 404 pages are all part of your brand identity now. Our teams help you bring that to life.

How do we do this?

Our process has been developed over 20 years of designing, building and making digital work. It is designed to deliver work in an agile fashion whilst still defining clear deliverables, and has helped guide us through hundreds of successful implementations.

Our starting point is the blueprint, an iterative strategic document that captures our client’s business, user and stakeholder needs. Insight doesn’t just come from consumers, and the blueprint gives us the starting point to idetify the key requirements for each individual piece of work.

Our work then follows an iterative process that gives us the maximum amount of agility whilst still giving clear stakeholder direction. We aim to rapidly produce prototypes of the work, so our clients can see it in 3 dimensions as soon as possible.

The blueprint is developed iteratively as the project progresses, capturing requirements as they change and ensuring that we continue to learn as the project moves forward.

This process is designed to allow us to produce beautiful individual hand-crafted peices of work on time and to budget.

This is great for complete projects where clients have a clear view of the desired outcome. However, more and more clients want to follow a fully Agile process, for reasons of rapid prototyping or fast delivery of a new service.

We were the first agency to work directly with Goverment Digital Services, and have worked alongside multiple government departments to help deliver projects following GDS’s recommended Agile approach. We’re more than comfortable delivering projects in this manner, indeed it forms part of our approach to rapid prototyping.

If this sounds like something that is of interest to you, you may want to see where we’ve done this before, what we think about the digital world, or perhaps even apply for a job with us.

Or, you might want to contact us about a piece of work you have in mind. In which case, we’d love it if you emailed us or called our new business team on 020 7173 2800