Reading Room have worked with ŠKODA UK for over nine years, looking after the ongoing development of its website.

ŠKODA UK believes in the quality of its products. Its challenge is to encourage people to experience it. That’s why the ŠKODA website has two core functions - to generate test drive requests and to create an immersive brand experience for visitors.



Test-drives are the best way for people to experience the quality of a ŠKODA vehicle and alter their perceptions of the brand.

Through collaborative planning with ŠKODA’s other trusted partners, we knit together the customer journey with the purpose of generating test drive enquiries and enhancing the brand. 


Our strategy is iterative and agile, continually testing and improving the experience to direct people to where ŠKODA needs them to be.

This can involve customising the site to support the launch of a new model, implementing new tools such as the car configurator or simply making small improvements that optimise the user experience.

Through AB and multivariate testing, usability testing and expert reviews, we are constantly evaluating the performance of the platform in line with monthly and long-term objectives.

The mantra is to test, learn and improve. The smallest changes often have the biggest impact, so we continually look for new ways to drive enquiries.


To celebrate ŠKODA’s affinity for two wheels, we built THIS IS OUR TIME; a dedicated cycling section within the website.

With a distinctive look-and-feel from the rest of the site, Reading Room showcased the history of the brand, by its relevance to cycling and events supported by SKODA, as well as some of the best cycling routes in the UK and Europe.

We also worked with other agencies on ŠKODA’s roster to create ‘Little bit of the Tour’, a new tool that allows users to identify a part of the Tour de France that they themselves can ride in the UK.

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Together with ŠKODA UK’s other agencies, we have helped the company achieve important targets.


increase in test drive requests


position in the Psyma annual benchmarking survey of automotive websites


year-on-year increase in traffic for the cycling section