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Greater London Authority

For over five years, Reading Room worked with the Greater London Authority to deliver a research and intelligence function for their staff.

We won a competitive tender in 2011 to deliver a new online database and research service, supporting evidence-based decision and policy making across the capital.

Our aim was to ensure that the high standard of research support was maintained, while shifting many resources to a digital environment for staff to conveniently access wherever they were working.


Meeting the needs of staff working in a fast-moving policy environment, meant ensuring a 24-7 service with a personal touch.

With more and more staff working flexibly, the Greater London Authority recognised the need for a culture change in how they sourced and used research and intelligence.

The physical library space in City Hall was rarely used and there was little data on what resources were actually useful or needed. With budgets under scrutiny, they had to ensure they were getting the best value from their library services.

There were diverse needs within the organisation. Staff feedback suggested they often had to get up-to-speed on complex policy topics at short notice. Other staff however, could work on a project for months and needed specialist research support.


We created an online portal of research resources, updated daily with the latest policy and research.

By creating a new online portal we allowed staff to do simple research themselves. The physical library space in City Hall was consolidated, saving valuable floorspace. Automating some processes meant we could offer new services to partners such as the London Boroughs. And our inhouse team of researchers meant there continued to be specialist support available for those with complex or time-sensitive research enquiries.

We create tailored content.

Content is written especially for the Greater London Authority and updated every day. We curate resources reflecting local projects and experiences within London, while recognising that London is outward-looking and operating on a global platform.

We used data to offer greater insight into the needs of staff.

Our close relationship with the Greater London Authority has allowed our content services to evolve and respond to new policy priorities, for example, following the change in administration after the London Mayoral election in 2016. We can also target new services or resources at teams or users who will find them most relevant.


"Idox has had a significant impact on the Greater London Authority. One of the things we need to do in the public sector is save money and we've managed to achieve that; but more importantly we've improved the level of service provision to our clients, both within this building and out in the London Boroughs. We now have faster access to information from a more varied range of sources."
Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director - Communities & Intelligence Greater London Authority
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