RPC Case Study

RPC is a modern, unconventional law firm with 300 lawyers in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

It has twice been named Law Firm of the Year and stands out for its innovation and progression. Reading Room were appointed to completely overhaul the firm’s website to reflect its status and core brand values.



The challenge for RPC was to attract and engage its target audience in order to generate new business for its range of services.

Reading Rooms brief was to create a website that would fulfil that purpose by bringing together the different strands of RPC’s brand vision, which were being expressed well individually but not collectively.

Those strands were: the humanity of the staff and environment, the belief in bringing your whole self to work, commercial rigour and excellence they strive for and attain, their belief in challenging the status quo and finding new ways of looking at problems.


We began with a creative collaboration workshop, using brand and communication models to draw out meanings that would help shape our creative output.

We investigated what was important to the RPC team, as people and as a company. This led us to identify the firm an ‘explorer’ archetype; a company that possesses a restless energy to find new ways of doing things, to progress and find new angles.

Part of being an ‘explorer’ brand is to show clients that there isn’t just one path - there are multiple paths in any scenario. This fits perfectly with RPC, which knows its clients’ businesses inside-out and can help them find the right path.

We developed the concept of the ‘Pathfinder’ and presented RPC as a company that uses all of its skill, knowledge and creativity to help clients find a way to a better future.

This was the foundation behind all design decisions. The layout was formed from a broken grid, with variation and surprising placements of graphic elements to keep the user interested and make the website look unique.


We concepted a stunning new hero video to create an immersive, mood-setting look and feel, making the site stand out from other law firm websites.

High-quality, beautiful photography was commissioned using the architecture and interior environment of RPC’s offices as a visual metaphor for the idea of looking from different angles.

The content was also based on the Pathfinder concept, with the Perspectives page creating a varied and dynamic selection of opinions from around the business. This content is then drawn into the homepage and service pages.


The new site breaks the mould for law websites, as evidenced by its bronze at the Digital Impact Awards for Best Digital Rebrand and impressive year-one stats.


reduction in bounce rate


increase in mobile usage


increase in page views per session

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