UK Coaching

Inspiring the nation to be active through great coaching.

UK Coaching is a charitable organisation inspiring the nation to be active through great coaching.

 In September 2017, after a rebrand and as part of a wider redevelopment of its entire digital estate, UK Coaching commissioned Reading Room to redevelop its core website and digital services for coaching.

Kentico site of the month - July 2018


The Brief

UK Coaching wanted to make its mission clearer across its digital presence. People skills needed to be at the heart of the website, with better supported user journeys and accessibility of all online resources.

The existing website was difficult to navigate, had an out-of-date look and feel and did not effectively communicate the new, extended definition of coaching.  It was difficult for the core audiences to identify relevant information and understand the full breadth of services and resources available as the breadth of content had outgrown the existing navigation and architecture.

The overall website objective was to create a landing site for the numerous coaching solutions that make up the wider digital estate. UK Coaching planned for the website to be the ‘go-to’ place for all information, guidance and resources for three core audiences:

  • Those who are coaching
  • Partner organisations
  • General public.

The website needed to provide information on coaching, how to get involved, how to develop as a coach and provide easily accessible resources and guidance to help people on their coaching journey. It also needed to offer suitable information to UK Coaching’s wide network of partners – on how to develop their own coaching systems along with the coaching workforce.

The new site needed to bring this information to the surface in a way that is accessible for all audiences, as well as presenting coaches with information on how to operate cross-discipline – a core mission of UK Coaching.


With the intent to deliver elements across multiple phases to minimise risk, Reading Room built a sharp new website for UK Coaching on Kentico 11, switching technologies from Drupal 6.


We undertook a complete rework and redesign of the website, with the aim of ensuring that UK Coaching is recognised as the lead agency in its field. This included a comprehensive Discovery Phase, in which we approached and analysed core audience groups alongside the UK Coaching team. We did this through a range of forums including focus groups, user interviews, sector-specific research and technological assessments.

The key challenge for UK Coaching was to strip out the mass of outdated content on the existing website and filter what could be discarded and what could be repurposed. A large volume of content was buried in PDFs on the site, with no way to bring this material to the surface.


Before commencing development, we completed key exercises to assess the existing navigating architecture, and realign this to meet the requirements of all core audiences. Using insights from our Discovery phase, we created a number of personas to test our strategy against; this informed a completely reformed navigation structure. The new navigation function ensures that searching for information and delving into the breadth of resources available is possible for users.

We also set up a slick taxonomy facility that enables users to browse resources by topic, and thus provides users with information more quickly.

With many different target audiences, we implemented a Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism between the main website and the LearnUpon system (a learning management system for online courses). We have also included an API integration with UK Coaching’s workshop system IRIS, which allows workshop listings to be pulled into the site, and learners’ previously completed workshops to be visible on their dashboard. As part of a potential future phase, we will look to enable the online booking of workshops directly through IRIS.

Going forward, we will be building a subscription model into the website as part of a future phase. People who subscribe to the website as paying customers will be able to access enhanced content and wider groups, as well as many other useful benefits.

One of Reading Room’s longer-term aims is to create a consolidated approach for UK Coaching, bringing the entire digital estate together under one CMS. We will eventually bring LearnUpon and the UK Coaching website onto one singular platform; within this, we will create an online workshop booking tool and workshop evaluation form.



Reading Room have recently completed phase 1, which saw the launch of UK Coaching’s new website. Between May and September this year, we will deliver three more deployments of new functionality for the website including e-Commerce capability, the subscription model, live chat, online workshop evaluation and enhanced core functionality. .

Additional user testing will also be scheduled at frequent intervals throughout the digital transformation, ensuring the future development remains true to UK Coaching’s core 2017-2021 vision of helping to create an active nation inspired through great coaching.

Watch this space!

‘We chose the Reading Room team because they demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our vision and were willing to come on the journey with us. The breadth of skills available to us from Reading Room has helped to create a website that is not only secure, functional and compliant with our privacy commitments but also easy to use for our wide range of users and reflective of our brand and ethos. We‘re looking forward to advancing our website further -  with Reading Room as our digital partner.’

 Melanie Mallinson, Marketing and Communications Director