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Customer journey mapping explores how the motivations, characteristics and behaviours of your customers influence their decision-making process.

Understanding behaviour over time. 

We know understanding customers isn’t always easy. That’s why journey mapping is our experts’ secret weapon. With journey mapping, we can visualise how customers engage with your organisation, gain insights and identify opportunities. 

We’ll begin our work together by creating personas based on what we already know about your customers. These personas are used to establish a predicted model of touchpoints and actions. We’ll integrate the persona behaviours into a journey map, testing and refining it through further customer research.  

Both personas and journey maps are essential for a people-centric strategy. The insights gained through these processes can be applied to many areas - from service blueprinting to communications planning.   

Customer journey mapping. 

This is the visualisation of persona or segment-specific interactions with a product or service over time. By collating multiple interactions and how they progress, we can highlight your customers’ pain points and opportunities.  

Jounery Mapping
Journey Mapping2
Journey Mapping 3

Service mapping.  

This is an extension of journey maps. It combines external and internal perspectives on the delivery of a service. We find this useful for illustrating customer interaction, organisational dependencies, and processes around the delivery of a service.  

Journey Mapping4
Journey Mapping5

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