User journey mapping

Whether its service users or customers that engage with your business, user journey mapping helps us to visualise how these interactions will take place.

Working from personas, we help you to establish a predicted model of touchpoints and actions (online and offline), in the context of what we know about their motivations and behaviours. This journey map is then tested and refined through further user research.

Both personas and journey maps are the fundamental tools of people-centric strategy. The insights gained through these processes can be applied to service blueprinting, interface design, and communications planning, among many other areas.

Journey mapping

Persona or segment-specific interactions with a product or service over time. Collating multiple interactions and progression highlights user pain points and opportunities.

Service mapping

An extension to journey maps, this combines external and internal perspectives on the delivery of a service. It is particularly useful when illustrating user interaction, organisational dependencies, and processes around the delivery of a service.