Exploring how your audience interacts with your business

Mapping is a way to distil research, data and understanding into visual artefacts. In all forms, the mapping should enable prioritisation, decision-making and opportunity analysis. 

Used at key points in discovery and design, mapping methods associated research and workshop activities are key steps toward data-driven outcomes.

Different types of mapping are applied for different purposes and effect.

Empathy mapping;

Helps stakeholders understand the user mind-set and humanises segmentation or personas in a way that improves empathy.

Journey mapping

Persona or segment-specific interactions with a product or service over time. Collating multiple interactions and progression highlights user pain points and opportunities.

Service mapping

An extension to journey maps, this combines external and internal perspectives on the delivery of a service. It is particularly useful when illustrating user interaction, organisational dependencies, and processes around the delivery of a service.