Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an invaluable way to promote your products in search engine results, taking precedence over traditional product search listings.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ads make it more convenient for users to find and purchase products they are looking for. Rather than browsing numerous sites, Google will display the products closest to their query, which they can then buy directly.

Not only does Google Shopping highlight key information such as product title, image and price; it also places your listings towards the top of search engine results, as part of the dedicated Google ‘Shopping’ tab.

As ads are returned based on keywords, product pages must be optimised correctly to ensure visibility in the Shopping results.

Benefits of Google Shopping

The benefits of listing products through Google Shopping include:

  • Higher precedence in product search results
  • More tailored to suit specific product search queries, increasing chances of click-through
  • Users are usually further along in the buying process
  • Listings are clearly structured, including title, image and price.

How We Can Help

We can assist with every aspect of implementing your Shopping campaign, ensuring an intuitive and highly intuitive structure is in place.

We’ll ensure your product feeds are optimised effectively, with the correct product attributes in place. We’ll also ensure your ads are only ever shown to interested customers, increasing chances of conversion and minimising wasted spend.

Over time we’ll continue to modify and optimise your campaign, taking into account the changing nature of competitors and consumers. We’ll also liaise with you, the client, to ensure new or popular products are being accounted for and prioritised.

Clients who we have implemented successful Google Shopping campaigns for include Footasylum, John Norris and Alive & Dirty.