LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising can connect you with professionals in your niche and elevate your B2B marketing.

What is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising is the use of various types of ads that target selected groups of professionals on a B2B level. Targeting is based on data within a user's profile such as their job title, industry, education, location and maybe companies they have worked for.

There are three main types of LinkedIn ads. The type of ad used depends on the goals a client wishes to achieve. These are:

  1. Sponsored posts. These are posts that a company has already written which are sponsored to help them reach a wider audience and increase their followers.
  2. Text ads. These sit on the right-hand side of the page and include a headlines, a few lines of text and a small image.
  3. Sponsored InMail. These take the form of an email directly into a user's LinkedIn inbox. They are personal, relevant and tailored to specific individuals.

Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

As the biggest social B2B platform, LinkedIn is the ideal place to get your message out to professionals in your industry. Thanks to the platform's various targeting options, clients can find the right audience that resonate with their brand, increasing the chances of engagement and expanding their LinkedIn following.

If you're in the B2B industry, the types of people that use LinkedIn are likely to be better suited to whatever you're selling. If you need the attention of decision makers such as CEOs and team heads, LinkedIn advertising can tell them about your product or service.

LinkedIn advertising is a very cost-effective mode of advertising. For sponsored posts and text ads the starting budget is small and clients have the option to pay per click or per impression.

Thanks to LinkedIn's extensive variety of ad placement options, clients can tailor their ad type to their content ensuring they get the most out of their campaign. Sponsored posts and text ads can be customised by size, position and format.

How We Can Help

Once you decide that LinkedIn advertising is for you, our team can help set up your campaign and maximise its performance from beginning to end.

First we'll help you decide on the type of ad that works for you, as well as choosing a style and format that will maximise results.

We'll also decide whether the ad should be charged on a CPC or CPM basis, depending on the outcome you wish to achieve. (Sponsored InMail campaigns typically require a larger budget and start at £5,000.)

Want to see how LinkedIn advertising can help you?