Countryside Alliance, the campaigning organisation which promotes and protects the rural way of life, has launched their industry leading new website which has been developed as part of a digital transformation project to help deliver a wider marketing strategy.

The website aims to make it easier for Countryside Alliance members and supporters to engage with content through real time data updates and giving users direct control of their own membership information. Through dynamic content on its new website and its weekly newsletter it will ensure that, when its users are logged in, they will see content and information relevant to them based on their preferences which they are able to control through a secure user area.

The Countryside Alliance campaign for rural broadband is a key area of focus for them as poor digital connectivity is holding back the countryside economically and socially. Access to broadband across Britain should be equal and fair; with reliable broadband comes access to information which should be widely available to everyone. The Countryside Alliance believes that the broadband postcode lottery needs to end and the new website they have developed has been designed to work with slower internet to try and reach more people in remote areas. Sarah Lee who heads up the campaign for rural broadband said: “Communities in rural areas are often treated as second class citizens when it comes to broadband connectivity which is why it was important to us that our new website was designed to work on slow internet speeds. More businesses must remember that not everyone can access websites which require superfast broadband.”

The Kentico based website platform was built by their digital partner, Reading Room, to integrate alongside a new Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which was developed by Smart Impact and integrated with Countryside Alliance’s mailing platform, Engagement Cloud. The level of integration of digital platforms on this scale is revolutionary in this sector and will allow Countryside Alliance to deliver timely and relevant content to its members and supporters across the multiple platforms. Now, after nearly two and a half years of multi-agency collaboration and system integration, the new website is live, and the Countryside Alliance is in a strong position to embrace a digital future head on.

The delivery of the new website is the final piece of the puzzle of a wider set of developments at the Countryside Alliance over the past three years; complementing a new brand - developed by one of London’s top designers, Steve Edge - and the launch of a new membership magazine published by Archant Dialogue. The next step of an integrated website, mailing platform and CRM promise exciting prospects for the Countryside Alliance.

Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner stated: “The launch of the new website is integral to the future of the Countryside Alliance and how we communicate with our members and supporters. With over 100,000 supporters, it is important more than ever before that we communicate with our members on the issues that matter most to them.”

Head of Marketing for the Countryside Alliance, Debbie Birch said: “We have a lot of information on the site and campaign for a wide range of issues from hunting and shooting to the importance of rural communities and businesses to the future of the nation, rural broadband and online bullying; and we want to make it as easy as possible for users to engage with the content that matters most to them.”

“The new website has been developed to support engagement with our members and supporters on a more meaningful level and helps us deliver on our promise to promote a better understanding and acceptance of the rural way of life.”

David Durnford – CEO at Reading Room comments: “With so much focus on the vital preservation and campaigning work from The Countryside Alliance, it could be easy for digital engagement to be left behind. We are proud to bring the Alliance’s website up-to-date, to encourage even more users to join their 100,000+ membership and supporter base”.