With Christmas just three months away, time's running out to implement profit-boosting changes to your digital plans.

However, if you're still looking for ways to generate extra revenue and grow your profits, digital advertising could be the answer. Here are six digital advertising tactics for increasing your festive return:


Depending on the type of products you sell, incorporating some festive type keywords is worth considering. Things like “Christmas gifts” “xmas present for men” etc – these will likely have lower conversion rates than your specific product keywords, but will be important to attract people at the research stage of their journey. Using clever remarketing tactics (discussed later) will be vital to re-engage these people further down the buying cycle.

Ad copy

No one wants to disappoint their friends and relatives by turning up empty-handed or with an inadequate product, so last order dates for Christmas delivery and information about return policies are an important part of ad text leading up to Christmas, and particularly into December. Make sure ads posted on Christmas Eve are changed again, and any sales or great offers are promoted heavily. If you don’t normally bid on brand keywords your sale period is the ideal time to test.

Google Shopping

If you haven’t got a shopping feed, you need one, and you need a good one. Make sure your product titles and descriptions are written properly - this will ensure you show more when searches are made. Use custom labels to split products into groups based on best sellers, high stock levels, etc., which will allow for clever bidding on the products that you know will sell and will allow for sale products to be pushed separately from full priced items, particularly important when we reach Christmas Day, and people start spending their Christmas money. 


Be clever with this. Dynamic remarketing through the Google Display Network or on Facebook is particularly relevant. If you’ve attracted potential new customers through the more generic gift type keywords mentioned earlier then make sure you are targeting them again with the products they have been viewing. If they don’t click on the ads it won’t cost you anything! 


The importance of having a mobile site is a given, as mobile use of the Internet threatens to overtake desktop, but it’s particularly important over the Christmas period, when your potential customers are out and about visiting relatives and could be browsing for the new pair of shoes or jeans they didn’t get and need for New Year’s Eve. Make sure you increase your mobile PPC bids over this period to take advantage. 

Instagram advertising

Instagram ads launched this year, and should be a vital part of any retailer’s Christmas advertising strategy. Promote yourself using Christmas imagery around your products or be funny with your message within the ad itself, appealing to people’s present-buying nature or attracting people who didn’t get the gift they wanted.