In September, we kicked-off (ahem) the first in a series of articles for FC Business discussing the role of digital in football - here’s our re-cap.

1. Using digital to drive commercial success for clubs

Our first article, which appeared in issue 88 of the FC Business magazine, discussed the broader role of digital in helping football clubs meet their commercial objectives. It outlined the importance of a strategic approach and highlighted some of the key successes we’ve achieved within the sport. Read in full >>

2. How to resource your digital dream team

Our second post offered practical advice on how clubs should go about resourcing their digital team, from identifying the leading lights of your existing staff to recruiting the right people to benchmarking against others. Read in full >>

3. Who owns digital in your club?

As digital continues to play an increasingly important role in a football club, getting the most out of it requires understanding, planning and analysis. In our third article, we explore the who should take responsibility to making digital deliver results and how internal working groups can support its execution. Read in full >>

4. How to engage your loyal support

Our fourth, and most recent article for FC Business, discusses the importance of loyalty within the game and how digital teams within clubs can harness it effectively. It discusses the importance of personalised experiences and data-driven fan engagement. Read in full >>

Our Digital in Football series will continue in the New Year. In the meantime, visit FC Business for the latest news.