In our second #Fiveminuteswith feature, we talk to our head of SEO about trends, innovations and brands.

Hi Danielle. What brands have impressed you in terms of their approach to SEO?

DW: As I’ve been doing a lot for my wedding, I’ve noticed that they appear for a wide range of searches and always take users to the most relevant page on the site - at the moment, they’re dominating the rankings for everything from ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ to generic keywords, such as ‘bunting,’ ‘gifts,’ and ‘wedding invitations’.

What websites do you rate in terms of their on-site content?

DW: I really like Pannone and Hill Dickinson. Doing well online is difficult if you’re in the legal industry but both sites aren’t afraid to use content, and lots of it. The content they use doesn’t come across as off-putting though. It adds value and helps you understand the services they offer.

What trend or innovation have you been most excited about in SEO over the last two years?

DW: There’s no one thing that I could comment on here. SEO is always evolving, which is why I find it so interesting. Google is always keeping us on our toes and we never know what’s going to happen next. I’m a big believer in getting the basics right, not doing anything you wouldn’t feel confident doing on your own site and you should be able to achieve some great results. Reporting is key to success, if you don’t check the impact the work you’ve done has had on your site then how do you know if it was the right or wrong thing to do.

What campaign are you most proud of from your time at Rippleffect?

DW: As I’ve been at Rippleffect for such a long time there are a number of campaigns I’m proud of. The ones which stand out are ones where we’ve managed to turn things around. Footasylum came to us as they’d been penalised, and we managed to turn their results around and we managed to help them have their best December on record.

 We worked with More Handles for a number of years. When they came to us they weren’t aware of any poor tactics which had been employed by previous SEO agencies but our initial few months of the account highlighted what poor state their domain name was in. After a lot of hard work, over a long period of time, we managed to turn things around for them, and the site went from strength to strength. Also, one of the first sites I worked on was Revolution Bars, and searching today still brings up the site and the content written all those years ago.

 What is your favourite brand and why do you like it?

DW: I’m a big fan of Benefit, the cosmetics brand. Their branding; product names, packaging etc., is great. I follow them on Instagram and it’s great seeing what they’re posting about, what’s new for them. They love to get their customers involved also to get feedback on what they’re putting out there. Needless to say my next pay packet will be going to them just in time for my wedding!