In our first #Fiveminuteswith feature, we talk to our head of technical consultancy about trends, innovations and brands.

Hi Phil. Are there any sectors you think are leading the way in terms of technical innovation?

PW: I think the crowd-sourcing sector is making fantastic headway, especially in the technology sector. Application, game, digital and multi-media agencies are producing some excellent products, partly (sometimes wholly) funded by us, their supporters. Kickstarter and Indiegogo display the rich variety of projects achieving their funding goals. is a nice twist on the genre, allowing you to financially support your favourite creative people or services.

Are there any sectors that need to up their game, and why?

PW: I’ll pick on the unavoidable here - the public sector. Austerity has hit the public sector hard and this should be driving innovation to find more efficient ways of doing business. Apart from a few pockets of technical innovation (eg., there doesn't seem to be a joined-up approach to technology at all.

What trend or innovation have you been most excited about over the last two years?

PW: Sounds boring, but it has to be asynchronous frameworks such as AJAX. These frameworks are allowing developers to do some feature rich functionality in real-time, directly within the user browser (so no need to post to another page, or back to a web server). Also, mobile development is probably now becoming the powerhouse in the development industry.

What project are you most proud of from your time at Rippleffect?

PW: From a technical perspective - Aldermore. We managed to rebuild an under-performing, 100+ template website into an award-winning, fully responsive site using less than 20 templates, but providing the business with much more presentation power. From a purely fun perspective, I enjoyed working on Lincoln Castle and the Caste Connections Sites.

Finally, what is your favourite brand and why?

PW: The most obvious - Apple. As a brand they get everything right. Yes, they have their haters, but their products just work. Some may say they’re very expensive, and maybe they are, but you do, it seems, get what you paid for. On a more fun level, is such a great idea and hits a brand sweet spot for the more nerdy amongst us.  

Next week, we’ll hear from our head of SEO, Danielle.