With just a couple of months to go until Christmas, time's running out to implement profit-boosting tweaks to your festive digital plans. We gathered the thoughts of some of our SEO, Digital Advertising and Strategy team members to discuss how you can begin preparing for the festive season now and how you can look to increase bookings during this all-important time of the year.

Maximise your visibility using paid media tactics

Gavin Burgham, Head of Digital Advertising

“Paid search is a fantastic way to achieve and increase instant visibility across search engines. It is from this point onwards that most people will begin planning their Christmas parties, so ensure you have campaigns set up that will cater for the huge numbers of people that will likely be using Google to research party venues and ideas.

“Complementing this, you could also implement a display campaign to more actively engage users; attention-grabbing ads will draw users’ interest, even when they are not specifically considering venue bookings when presented with your ad. Remarketing can also be used to great effect, drawing on previous searches made by a user to push your venue and ensure it remains at the forefront of their thinking.”

Give your organic search campaigns time to bed in

Danielle Williams, Head of SEO

“Most online conversions now start with a search; modern users, unless they know the exact URL of a website, will use Google, Bing!, or Yahoo in the first instance. With this in mind, you’ll want to ensure that you’re being seen across search engines, by the correct audiences, when they submit a search. For Christmas party bookings, you’ll need to ensure you’re ranking for the right keywords, and you’ll need to make sure any campaign you implement has enough time to bed in.

“Imagine you’re a user considering where to have a Christmas party this year - you’ll likely use keywords such as ‘christmas party’, ‘christmas party venue’, etc. followed by a location (‘liverpool’, ‘liverpool city centre’, for example). Your SEO campaign will have to consider these keywords and ensure you’re ranking when users are searching. With location in mind, Local SEO tactics could, if used effectively, really help surface your website and help you rank prominently.”

Expand reach past your website and search engines

Laura Stubbs, Senior Strategist

“You’ll want to engage as many users as possible when it comes to encouraging Christmas bookings. Planning promotional content early is key, and combining email and social media activity is ideal for visually showcasing the best aspects of your venue."

“Email marketing is a great way to directly communicate with users; even if an individual does not open your message, you’ll have been seen in their inbox and, with the correctly-targeted subject line, you can increase open rates and, ultimately, click through and booking rates. Paid social media advertising campaigns can also be utilised to extend the reach of promotional messages and target users specifically on their interests and life stages.”

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