Kentico Connection - Brno, Czech Republic 2019

David Lillington, our Director of Strategy, travelled to Brno to attend the Kentico Connection event in the Czech Republic on the 18th and 19th of September. Petr Palas, CEO of Kentico Software and his colleagues presented the latest updates in the world of Kentico. Here are David’s key takeaways from the event:

Kentico Kontent

David said: “I’m particularly excited about the launch of Kentico’s updated Cloud software, Kentico Kontent. Kentico Kontent is a replacement for Kentico Cloud and is positioned as a Content as a Service product (CAAS). Kentico Kontent has been designed to address the complex needs of organisations who have large amounts of content flowing through their operation. Where highly tailored workflows and content distribution is at the heart of what they do. Content is managed in one central point, particularly relevant to organisations where content flows across multiple departments, or regions in the case of global operations.”

 Kentico Kontent allows tailored content distribution

Kentico Kontent facilitates the following:

-      The assessment of content using Content Performance Insights.

-      Planning and scheduling your content effectively using Content Calendar.

-      The creation of structured content and the review of content by other users with the Comments and Suggestion feature.

-      The publication of content in any format you choose and on any channel you choose using their APIs.

-      The personalisation of content based on a number of dimensions such as persona or campaign. You can also take advantage of native integration with Recombee which provides AI based content recommendations.

-      The optimisation of content using A/B testing with Optimizely, amongst other integration tools.

Kentico Kontent has been launched at a time when organisations are looking carefully at their digital architecture, and microservices are becoming more and more popular and integrated systems are driving operational efficiencies. Reflecting on a presentation he attended at Kentico Connections, David comments “in their next WCM quadrant, Forrester are predicting that content and how content is delivered will be a key consideration of innovation.”

The Kentico Community

David also commented “I was very impressed with how collaborative the partners across the European Kentico network are and how open to sharing new ideas and best practice they are.”

Learn more about Kentico Kontent here: