Key takeaways from Advertising Week 2016

The overall theme of this year's Advertising Week was very much the current revolution, from zero-based budgeting to a much-needed increase in women in leadership roles.

Other topics on the agenda last week included new technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video content, free-to-air boxing and disruption. If you missed out, don't worry - we've compiled a quick snapshot of the key takeaways and comments from this year's talks.

Key takeaways

  • Low growth and very low inflation are making Advertising a difficult environment
  • There is still a big gap diversity in Advertising Leadership roles
  • Agencies need to consider whether they have the capability for new technologies such as programmatic
  • Cross device requires full consideration when creating content
  • Virtual Reality is highly likely to be the next big platform
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are driving huge improvements across Advertising
  • Free-to-view TV could still make a comeback where mass audiences are required for example Boxing

Key quotes

Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP plc: “So you have low growth, and very low inflation, which means our clients have very little pricing power. Therefore there is a focus on cost and procurement. The environment is a very difficult environment.”

Emma Barnett, Women's Editor, The Telegraph: "85% of women make all purchasing decisions, and yet only 91% of female consumers feel like advertisers don't understand them".

Michael Roth Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - On new technologies: “The question is do you have the capabilities and resources in this environment? You have to know what you’re doing. You have to know when to bring it in. And you have to enhance the overall value to the client”.

Manuel Rivera, CEO, Groupo Expansion - On mobile: “We have 80 million mobile phones in Mexico. And we’re the largest digital player. You have to think about the liquidity of your content across devices.”

Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP EMEA, Facebook: “The question is why is Facebook doing VR? We’re placing a bet on VR being the next big platform to emerge.” / “Live is the new thing. Yes it’s rough and ready not highly polished. But it’s a new way people are communicating with each other”

Matt Brittin, President, Google EMEA: “We’re in the midst of a revolution for the industry. What are people doing? And How do we connect with them? You have to see through all of the maths in the middle and keep focussed on that.”

David Haye: “I wanted the masses to see. My last fight was on Dave. They hadn’t shown sport before. It was an amazing success with over 3 million people tuned in. Only 400,000 sore Anthony Joshua fighting for the World.”