I recently returned from Kentico Connection in Prague and learned about the forthcoming features in Kentico 12 and the MVC foundation (blog post by Bryan Soltis) it is built on.

Kentico 12 is the on-premise version. Whilst there is continued development and investment in on-premise, Kentico are also continually adding new features to their Kentico Cloud, with announcements of new content collaboration and image manipulation features (among others) about to appear in their SaaS platform. What I find particularly impressive is Kentico’s recognition of the fact that digital platform owners need options. While some software vendors are forcing customers to choose, Kentico recognises that one size really does not fit all.

Whilst I can certainly see the direction of travel being cloud-based applications, not everyone is quite ready for it yet, or requires the omnichannel features which are so exciting for managing content for AI services. (I could go on to mention using it to design and stage content for on-premise, or the low cost benefits...but maybe another time.)

Some platform owners need more predictability around their annual software and hosting costs; also on-premise still edges out SaaS when it comes to e-commerce, but that gap is rapidly narrowing.

Options are precisely what owners of digital platforms should be looking for in a software vendor. The choice need not be complex, and with some guidance the relative benefits of either to meet your digital objectives will be pretty obvious.

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