In 2015, Facebook advertising grew by 59% (compared Google’s 18%) to amass over three million advertisers.

This growth, which has delivered over $17 billion in ad revenue, has largely been due to Facebook’s success in mobile, with over 79% of revenue coming from mobile ads. This accounts for 18% of the global mobile digital advertising spend.

Thanks to its mobile-first approach, when it comes to engaging millennials (age 18-34) Facebook leads the way. Particularly as Mobile Newsfeed advertising on Facebook is around 9% cheaper per CPM than desktop.

In the UK, there are nearly 30 million active Facebook users. In 2016, they delivered £1.43 billion in display ad revenue. That represents a 32.1% share of all UK display advertising.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what it offers advertisers and why it might be time to consider it for your business.

Targeting on Facebook

One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is its high level of audience targeting options including:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Work (Employer, Job Title, Industry)
  • Financial Income
  • Family & Relationships (Marriage, Dating, Family, Parenting)
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Life Events
  • Politics
  • Interests (Hobbies, Pages Liked, Shared, Specific Brands)

Variety on Facebook

There are various types and formats of adverts for businesses to use:

  • Setup a page - give your business a social presence
  • Reach your customers - reach customers you already know in a safe, secure way
  • Boost posts - promote your posts to more of your customers and a new audience
  • Remarketing - reach your website visitors again with a Facebook advert
  • Local adverts - reach people in the area around your business.
  • Lead adverts - Lead adverts let people request more information from your business
  • Video views - Promote your video advert and find new customers
  • App install campaigns - Promote your mobile apps and find new customers

Measuring results on Facebook

Using Facebook Insights, it’s easy to measure the results your advertising has had including: Likes, Comments, Shares, Visits, Clicks, Views, Audience, and Conversions. These measures provide a comprehensive view of how your campaign has performed.

Industries benefiting on Facebook

The automotive, fashion, retail, health and beauty industries have all performed extremely well on Facebook with Likes and Comments the biggest successes. Meanwhile, industries such as travel and leisure, food and beverage, and sports are seeing a lot of growth via Shares.

From brand awareness to lead generation to sales, Facebook advertising could help you achieve your business objectives. Get in touch with our digital advertising team to discuss your objectives.