Who's Sika?

The Sika Group is a Swiss-based specialist chemical company.

Founded in 1910, they’re the leaders of their industry. The Sika Group have successfully infiltrated the construction, manufacturing, DIY, and automotive markets.

The Task

We sat down with Sika to understand their business dynamics and, most importantly, their customers.

Sika’s goals were to enhance their digital presence amongst their core audience of tradesmen. We thought out a strategic plan which involved three key steps.

  1. Build a data-led, paid digital strategy that would target B2B audiences with accuracy.
  2. Develop PPC accounts and provide SEO support across Sika’s brands.
  3. Continue to nurture Sika’s marketing strategy by utilising new and historical data.

The approach

First, we did a data deep dive to identify any missing gaps in Sika’s current strategy. This uncovered a golden opportunity that Sika had been missing. The solution would help them amplify their digital presence.

A bespoke SEO and PPC optimisation plan began to take form. We began to better understand Sika’s B2B audience which gave us the confidence to decide what channels were most suitable for running PPC across their brands.

Alongside paid media, our specialists provided ongoing SEO support. Regular stakeholder meetings and reporting made sure Sika were aware of emerging issues. Close communication with the team helped us to solve problems and put optimisation solutions into place in real-time.

Overcoming obstacles

You know us, we welcome challenge.

With the Sika HQ being based in Switzerland, we had minimal data and limited access to their content management systems. This raised several issues with reporting, jeopardising accuracy.

So, what did we do next? We pivoted. Instead of measuring website traffic, we utilised search engine result positions (SERPs). By switching metrics, the risk of misreporting was removed, and progress could be monitored closely through ranking keywords.

Sika UK provided us with an opportunity to grow as a partner. Sika encompasses multiple accounts. This means we needed to delegate our resources to each of their brands with consideration. Each brand was treated as an individual, and we made sure they were handled with undivided care. We stayed on top of comms and listened carefully. This made sure key stakeholders stayed in touch with the right team members, and information exchanges were relevant and secure.


Over the past 6 months, we've seen some exciting results on this paid strategy. 

  • 66% increase in conversions
  • 27% reduction in cost per conversion 
  • 20% increase in website traffic
  • 39% increase in conversion rate

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