Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is, at its most basic level, the automated buying and selling of online display media through the use of technology.

Through real time bidding (RTB), you can buy media with far greater accuracy, speed and at a more affordable cost than more traditional approaches. Using first and third party data, you can reach the right audience in real-time, in the right context, with the right message – at the right price for you.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising comes with a number of benefits and can even provide advantages over traditional display advertising. Through powerful machine learning and algorithms, programmatic advertising works to constantly optimise and improve your campaign over time. Along the way, it engages in 'lookalike' targeting - which means your ad can reach others with similar browsing habits to your audience who may not have been targeted initially.

We use a number of platforms to buy programmatically across mobile, video, display and native channels. There's also the option for remarketing to previous users who may have visited and left your site.

From simple brand awareness to more aggressively targeted direct response, we can create a campaign that's tailored to you. Clients can also see exactly where display advertising has made an impact on their customer' journey, allowing them to understand and refine their campaign.

Programmatic advertising allows you to advertise on larger, high volume publisher sites that could otherwise cost you thousands in advertising costs. We also have close relationships with many leading data providers, giving insight into customer models and demographics that will further enhance your campaign.

Why Choose Us?

We've run successful programmatic ad campaigns for brands in leisure, travel and retail. With leading data provider Ad Medo as our partner, we offer completely transparent, independent, intuitive campaigns that are shaped by machine-learning and tailored to your audience.

We also have a number of relationships with large publisher and news sites, giving you the ultimate platform to spread your message.

Some of our recent programmatic advertising clients include Club La Santa and Transglobal Express.