Promoted Tweets

Reach more people or increase engagement among your existing followers with promoted tweets.

What are Promoted Tweets?

Promoted tweets are tweets that appear on the feeds of selected groups of users. These users are generally targeted based on information in their Twitter bios, the accounts they follow and the content of their tweets.

Tweets can contain images, which we generally recommend due to the higher engagement image tweets tend to generate.

Promoted tweets are charged based on tweet engagement. This can include link clickthroughs, retweets and favourites.

Why Use Promoted Tweets?

Promoted tweets enable you to reach a wider target audience on Twitter, ensuring your message finds the right people at the right time.

Because you can target users who follow similar brands and accounts to yourself, promoted tweets can be an effective way to boost your engagement and following.

If your goal is to drive a particular action on Twitter, a promoted tweet can be an ideal way to do that by getting your best content in front of the right users. Use them to drive website traffic, offer discounts and deals, drive leads, and promote sales and competitions.

Promoted tweets can also be used to increase awareness of your business. They can do this in a variety of ways - through expanding the reach of your content; connecting with influencers and brand advocates and promoting events and product launches.

How We Can Help

Our digital advertising team can take care of every stage of your promoted tweet campaign - from identifying which types of users to target to monitoring your campaign going forward.

In order to gain the best results, we test out different targeting groups and analyse their performance. We then work with you to test various ads with different targeting groups to see what gains the best traction. We continue to make any necessary changes to your campaign as time goes on to ensure it's always achieving maximum results.

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