Social Media Campaign Training Course

This training course specifically looks at how to use social media to help your organisation run better campaigns. It is run over 3 days, and involves 3 workshops.

More dates coming soon. Contact us if you're interested.

Annual comms calendar (half day)

It’s important to have an idea of the shape of your communications over the year. There will always be publications, events and other key dates to plan around, but having a view of the whole year allows you pinpoint other opportunities to engage with your audiences.

In this session we’ll work together to fill out a calendar for the year. You’ll need to come into it armed with dates, events and publication names! We’ll also look at how this could then play out across different channels and to different audiences.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a high level comms plan for the full year and a good understanding of how to tailor important messaging to different audiences. You’ll be able to take this calendar and begin applying it to what you do immediately.

Campaign strategy and planning (full day)

You’ve been tasked with promoting a publication or service—where do you start? In this session we’ll take a campaign right from the start. We’ll look at its inception (pinpointing particular events from our annual calendar), work out campaign objectives, target audiences, an overarching creative idea and ways to measure its impact. Then we’ll begin to plan out the campaign itself. This will be multi-channel and will run across a number of weeks. This will help you to gain an understanding of what campaign assets are needed and to build in lead time to ensure they get made on time.

We can run this workshop around a hypothetical campaign, but in order to get the full benefit and to have a plan you can use after the workshop, we’d recommend putting a real publication, event or service at the centre of the campaign. At the end of this workshop, you’ll have a comprehensive idea of how to set up a campaign and plan your communications around it. If you’ve used a real example, you’ll be able to use the campaign plan you’ve created and apply it back in the office.

Content briefing and creation (half day)

Creating content for the web requires a different focus to creating content for print. In this workshop, we’ll begin with some of the nuts and bolts of creating web content, with a particular focus on social media. Based on your campaign plan, we’ll create a brief for a campaign asset, then create different kinds of posts for each channel.

There are a huge variety of tools out there to help you to create social media assets, so we’ll also take a look at a few that will enable you to create engaging, web-ready content.

At the end of this session you’ll have a thorough understanding of best practice, with notes to take away and apply to your everyday social media work.

To join the course costs £750 per attendee. We’d recommend attending as a pair or a three, so that you can work together. Discounts are available if you wish to send multiple people on the course.

More dates coming soon. Contact us if you're interested.

For more information,or to book your place, please email [email protected]