How do you create great content?

Thanks so much to everyone who attended our event around content production.

The best write up we’ve seen came from Morwen Johnson, who summed up the spirit of the talks really well.

In case you missed it, some of the the talks are online for your viewing.

Remember, if you have need of content production, please contact us - maybe we can help.

Thanks again to our speakers:

Pete Gomori, Creative Director at Reading Room, talked about creative, meaningful and inspiring ways to tell your brand story digitally, and how to move away from carousels and spotlight boxes.

Kelly Whalley, Global Head of Digital Marketing at worldwide building leader, Kingspan, talked about the challenges of developing and managing content across a global company.

Mark Biddle, Digital and Customer Communications Manager at Catalyst Housing Group, told us how he has empowered individuals across his organisation to use social content to better serve customers.

Andrew Payne, Head of Education & Outreach at National Archives, talked about the content writing, video production and gamification techniques used to create an engaging and award winning online experience of the Magna Carta.

Roo Lewis, acclaimed international photographer, spoke of his experiences creating photography for use in both on and offline spaces and just how achievable great rich content is.

Vivian Hall, from Happy Hour Productions, specialists in film and animation, gave a top-line overview of their approach to creating exciting online content with video, film and moving image.

And hopefully see you all at the next event.