Reading Room work with Acquia to provide enterprise solutions to complement their Drupal projects and platforms.

From segmentation and personalisation through Acquia Lift, or Enterprise level fast-scaling hosting for multi-site platforms using Sitefactory, we extend our Drupal platforms to realise the vision of personalised, contextual and real-time customer engagement for the right person, at the right time.

Why we chose Acquia

Reading Room have been working Drupal Open Source framework and technology for over 15 years and in recent years we have created increasingly large and complex Enterprise Drupal builds with high performance and complex features set requirements. For Open Source projects such as this we supplement our Drupal projects with a range of Drupal based products from Acquia which, when combined with the powerful Drupal framework, can compete with any Enterprise Content Management System;

Acquia Lift adds the latest personalisation technology to our Drupal builds, allowing our clients’ teams to personalise user customer journeys across every channel in their platform, unifying data from multiple sources.

Acquia Cloud and Sitefactory, meanwhile, offers our Drupal clients' larger scale regular campaigns a unique platform experience where they can build digital experiences faster and create and deploy multiple sites in record time. In addition it offers huge efficiency in managing the governance and security of multi-site platforms with simultaneous code management.

Acquia’s features and benefits

• Takes Open Source to Enterprise scale: Acquia offers Open Source clients Enterprise grade solutions to scale and supplement their Drupal platforms, without the need to move the entire platform to a fully licensed solution.
• Completely embedded in Drupal technology: Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal is the Chief Technology Officer of Acquia
• Superbly easy to use: all of Acquia’s tools including, Lift and Sitefactory, are superbly easy to use and require minimal training.
• More than just personalisation: Lift is a complete user research, segmentation and personalisation tool allowing organisations to get closer to their users before using the tool to personalise content based on how users behave.
• More than just multi-site: Sitefactory isn’t about just creating a Drupal multisite platform; its about a creating a platform where you can create new microsites and campaign sites at the touch of a button. Its about cloning site structures, re-using content across the platform in the most intuitive way and finally allowing organisations to maintain complete code control and governance across enterprise scale multi-site platform (codebase changes can be deployed simultaneously across the entire platform).