Consulting & Strategy

We help our clients identify and solve critical challenges in digital transformation.

With decades of experience spanning thousands of client engagements, Reading Room have the expertise and credibility to be your digital partner from strategy through to implementation, maintenance and optimisation.

We offer insight and experience in four core practice areas:

Discovery Research

You already understand your organisation and what you want to achieve.

But until you fully understand your users and stakeholders, you won’t know what sort of digital solutions might connect their needs to yours.

Reading Room run research phases to help you better understand who your users will be, what they want to do and why they want to do it. The insights generated from research and analysis save you wasting time, effort and goodwill on an approach likely to fail.

Digital Strategy

Some clients charge into delivery without much thought placed into approaches that are likely to work. Others spend so long on strategy that users and the business have moved on by the time they are delivered.

Armed with expertise, insights and a team of digital specialists, Reading Room partner with clients to help define, communicate and implement a clear direction of travel.

Creative Content

Success in digital strategy is highly dependent on how work is received in the outside world. A bland, logical implementation might fit neatly into a digital concept but if it doesn’t have an emotional impact on your target audience then it’s unlikely to succeed.

Our Creative Director and Behavioural Psychologist partner with designers, photographers, videographers, animators and other content creators to deliver creative content that aligns with your brand identity and creative strategy.

Data Analytics 

Research, strategy and creativity will give you a good idea about the sort of digital solutions that might help you. However, without robustly demonstrating your ROI and also future opportunities for optimization, your choice of digital solutions might be considered nothing more than a best guess.

Our data analytics capability has demonstrable experience in collaborating with clients to design an evaluation framework, implement measurement technology, benchmark key performance indicators and optimize your solutions over time.

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