We help our clients to design and deliver great digital services that are intuitive to use and resilient, helping you to maximise uptake and conversion.

Designing great online services means thinking holistically. This includes the service you are delivering, the people you’re designing for and the processes and infrastructure required to ensure the service is available when people need it.

We follow the GDS Digital Service Standard which sets out 18 points for designing digital services. We help clients to use this standard as a practical guide to improve their chances of success, and not just a series of hoops to jump through. If you’re running a government digital project, we can work with you to ensure you get through GDS Assessments internal project gateways based on the GDS standard.

The process starts by taking a step back from the way you do things now. We don’t want to just replicate the status quo with a few tweaks. Instead we start by researching the users and their needs, and their expectations of their interaction with you. From there we can map out the best solutions for the service. Users should be involved in the process from the very start, and at every stage of testing, to ensure they can use the service and their needs are being met.

We can help you to make technical and infrastructure choices to ensure the services you provide are solid, stable and secure. We can work with you to identify resources and skills you’ll need internally to build a team capable of managing and delivering your digital services, and we can help to mentor and up-skill members of your team to give you the confidence to take things on for yourself, as the services transfer from production into business as usual delivery.

We can also aid you in identifying KPIs and performance measures and putting reporting in place to inform operational and strategic decision making around your digital services.

We’ve done this for major public-sector clients including HMRC, the Ministry of Defence and Health Education England. We’ve also helped clients in local government and not-for-profit organisations to make better online services by following the GDS service design principles.

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