Reading Room are a Kentico Gold Partner, implementing the platform for medium and enterprise scale projects since 2012.

Kentico Gold PartnerWe specialise in multi-site platforms and using the Kentico EMS system to provide multi-channel experiences to a range of clients.

Critically, the easy-to-use Kentico EMS tools allow us to bring the latest digital marketing tools to projects and clients of all sizes.

Why we chose Kentico

Kentico’s product line includes Kentico EMS, the all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, and Kentico Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform.

It's the only all-in-one platform built entirely in-house, meaning you avoid the learning curve of dealing with disparate systems and are up and running quicker.

The platform can be quickly deployed in the Kentico Cloud and offers very cost-effective tiered solutions based on the number of sites within a platform rather than numbers of users or servers. The Kentico CMS is as usable as it is powerful, making it ideal for mid-range to enterprise scale projects, where organisations have smaller sized digital teams and fast training and internal on-boarding is key.

The marketing platform is also no exception. It allows you to manage contacts and campaigns, track the customer journey, provide global e-commerce functionality, and measure and analyse the results to create and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment.

Finally, the Kentico pricing structure offers a huge amount of value for money, with an enormous feature set for its price. And due to the amount of ready made tools on offer, it can be configured more quickly than other platforms in the majority of instances.

Kentico’s features and benefits

• GDPR compliant: Kentico 11 allows you to Manage data compliance and give your customers peace of mind with its and Data Protection app.
• Superbly easy to use: from developers to content editors, the Kentico MVC page-builder is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to make edits and update the system quickly, enabling companies to operate both more efficiently and effectively.
• More functionality out of the box: Kentico delivers up to 50% more out-of-the-box functionality than comparable technologies, helping you develop and implement stunning websites in half the time, on-premise and in the Kentico cloud.
• Highly flexible and extensible: Kentico’s open API means you can integrate with virtually anything, and with advanced scalability, you can be sure that your needs never outgrow the platform.
• Multi-site ready: Kentico is ideal for multi-site architecture and platforms and offers out of the box intranet, extranet and community solutions.
• Usable and practical marketing suite: Kentico offers the latest in marketing automation, segmentation and personalisation technology but all requiring minimal training to manage and maintain in comparison with other technologies.
• Very secure: being a proprietary licensed system means that your Kentico website benefits from intricate security measures and are less susceptible to cyber-attacks and hacking attempts.
• Rich insights: Kentico’s marketing suite offers a very easy-to-use yet comprehensive, fully integrated, cross-channel solution with a 360o view of your customers from both website and email and social interactions.

Reading Room is the Kentico agency of choice for clients including UK Coaching and Lavendon Group, with a team of specialist Kentico developers all based in-house and certified through the Kentico partners program.


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