Magento is the industry-leading ecommerce solution, and as a Certified Partner, we create bespoke and high-functioning online stores for clients nationwide.

Whether you’re selling to a B2B or a B2C marketplace, Magento has all the functionality and security you need to create a great customer experience.

Why We Chose Magento

Magento is a powerful and scalable e-commerce platform, affordable enough for small or medium-sized enterprises, whilst being advanced enough to handle more complex business needs.

Its functionality is designed to offer a great online shopping experience on all devices as standard. Most importantly, Magento offers a streamlined checkout process to ensure that while your mobile traffic grows, so too will your mobile conversions.

Magento also offers seamless integration with a plethora of systems, including payment gateways, order management and CRM systems, to make managing your business as easy as possible. This also creates synergy and clarity for brands with both on and offline sales channels.

As an open source platform, there are no licence fees and no limits to what you can create. There are already hundreds of ready-to-use extensions, but if you need something a little more bespoke, we can create it for you.

Magento Features and Benefits

  • Drag-and-drop editor: building your content pages has never been easier. The powerful content management system allows you to create exactly the page you want without the need for developer support.
  • Personalisation: grow your conversions by offering repeat customers a personalised experience, through dynamic content based on their personal details or shopping history.
  • Shipping options: advanced rules mean you can reduce shipping costs for both you and your customers, assigning different carriers and pricing based on order cost, size or distance.
  • Effective site search: Magento’s Elasticsearch solution gives suggestions in the case of typing errors and can also deal with synonyms to improve the relevancy of the results it gives.
  • In-built SEO: with search engine-friendly URL structures, breadcrumb menus and a clear sitemap, Magento has a robust foundation for technical SEO.
  • Detailed reporting: with a range of report-building tools and data visualisation options, getting the insights you need is quick and simple.