RONIN International

RONIN International conducts market research and data collection to give you exclusive insight into the needs of your audience.

With over 30 years of research experience in the healthcare, IT and B2B sectors, RONIN has a solid understanding of these industries, the competitive environment and the technical aspects of the products you wish to sell.


RONIN International are experienced in conducting B2B market research in many industries, including manufacturing, freight, finance and communications.

Information technology

RONIN provides a complete quantitative service, including questionnaire review, survey programming, hosting, and in-house translation and coding management for quick turnaround and consistent implementation.

Their team conduct interviews in 55 languages, and are conversant in all aspects of computer hardware, software, services as well as issues of the telecommunications industry.


RONIN International has 16 years of medical research experience on a global scale. Their project managers, programmers, translators and coders all have extensive experience in the healthcare sector, giving value-added services to every study.

Customer Experience

RONIN conducts over 100,000 customer insight interviews annually for the world’s largest companies.

CATI research

CATI, or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, is one of the key services offered by RONIN International. The company prides itself on securing traditionally hard-to-reach participants, whether business-based or consumers, and has a great track record in meeting and exceeding client quotas.

Online market research

Online market research surveys are an excellent way to conduct both qualitative and quantitative studies. RONIN works with research agencies and consultants across the world to gather vital feedback through online surveys and voice led phone interviews.

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