Stream AMG

Reading Room work with Stream AMG as experts in hosting video, integrating platforms, monetizing content and delivering live events.

We integrate their streaming solutions to deliver brilliant online video campaigns around client goals.

Why we chose Stream

Reading Room has always believed in a content-first approach and as such we have partnered with Stream to offer world class video platform and webcasting solutions, all serviced by informed experts. They offer a proven result having delivered thousands of video projects, and as such offer the very best advice for our clients.

Their platforms are cloud-based, massively scalable and utilise Akamai, Level3 and Cloudfront CDNs to ensure consistently excellent performance. This means that no matter who our clients’ audience are, Stream can deliver the world’s best video experience at resolutions up to 4k.

Stream’s features and benefits

  • Delivery to multiple screens: organisations can upload their video content once but have it displayed to multiple places including all mobile devices.
  • Opportunity for monetisation: Stream offers features to help organisations raise revenue from content. Stream’s platform comes as standard with pay per view, subscription and ad models.
  • Connects seamlessly to our CMS solutions: Stream natively integrates with Drupal and Sitecore and offers an API to connect to any other technology.
  • Content protection: protect organisations' content with built in geo-targeting, time embargoes and domain registration – all easy to set up within the interface.
  • Social media optimised: Stream offers connections to Facebook and Twitter allowing organisations to push live video highlights into Twitter, with intelligent call to actions for your followers.
  • Intelligent insight: Stream offers actionable data audiences through real-time analytics and reporting. Organisations are able to view every stage of the video journey, and see where audiences are watching from, how much of the videos they’re watching and which videos they’re passing on.