Reading Room is an agency that loves Umbraco. We have been creating beautiful and effective web experiences for 20 years.

Our UK in-house team of web designers and dedicated Umbraco developers has been extended through the Fat Media Group. Through the Group’s Umbraco Gold Status you can sleep easy in the understanding that we can help you create websites that are gorgeous to look at and a joy to use, on any device.

We also make it easy for users to understand your offer and to take the next step, whether it be register, sign-up, donate or buy.

Why we chose Umbraco

Umbraco is a premium open source content management system, which means we can create technically advanced and secure sites, without a costly license fee. This makes it perfect for brochure sites as well as more complex developments with bespoke functionality.

It offers the best of both worlds – the diversity of open source, and the support and security of the Umbraco HQ development team. The CMS is extremely flexible, enabling you and your team to control your site’s content with ease. Intuitive modules mean you can create forms, crop images and preview all your changes across different devices.

There are also a host of extensions to take advantage of, such as email marketing integrations or royalty-free image search functions.

Umbraco features and benefits

  • User-friendly interface: the Umbraco CMS is extremely easy to use, to make editing your site as simple as possible. It is extremely flexible and customisable, so you are never left with sections or buttons that are irrelevant to your site.
  • Extensive APIs: whether you need to integrate with your social media channels, a CRM system or your stock management software, full front end and back office APIs make this possible.
  • Multi-site capabilities: Umbraco is extremely scalable, so if your business is going places, you can be sure your site will keep up. Its advanced language capabilities also mean make an international web presence a breeze.
  • GDPR compliant: Umbraco follow industry best practices and meet all security standards, so you can be sure your site will too.
  • Access levels: you are able to assign different levels of control to those who access your CMS, so you can tailor what is visible or editable dependent on their role and responsibilities.
  • Out of the box functionality: the perks of open source mean that there are hundreds of out of the box functions to speed up your site build. But, the possibilities are endless, so if you need something bespoke, we can create that too.