First Mile


First Mile are an organisation dedicated to saving the planet by making recycling easier, more convenient, and above all cheaper than landfill. Although our environment is at the heart of their objectives, they steer clear of the traditional “green agenda”, and focus on promoting the ability to recycle literally everything as a sustainable business.

Their existing site was showing its age, and no longer reflected the forward thinking and passionate way they run their operation. They engaged Reading Room to help them take the first steps on their digital refresh.


Put simply, recycling is not sexy.

First Mile have a great product (Reading Room have been customers of theirs long before the project began), but few people find images of things they have deliberately discarded appealing. We needed a site that instantly won over new customers as soon as they reached the site.

They also face fierce competition from local authorities, which typically hold most waste collection contracts for businesses. Increasing visibility online to get people to the site was essential


Online search is the primary means for businesses to find a new waste collection provider, and so increasing search prominence, and then converting that visit to enquiry, were the key objectives of this project.

Clean, engaging content which effectively promotes the work of First Mile and easily explains why they are the most cost effective solution were critical to success. and couples with simple calls to action we hoped to be able to increase enquiries and subsequent conversion.


We realised that words would not be enough to portray First Mile as the planet savers they truly are. We engaged our brand creative consultant to develop a strategy for brining waste collection services to life online.

We commissioned photography and film, shot in the Reading Room offices, to show how waste collection can be innovative, as well as using discarded objects to create more artistic images.

We also developed a content strategy to sit alongside our development solution in order to boost search visibility at a borough level. Our UX specialists worked on designing enquiry and order forms to ensure there were no barriers to conversion


Since launch the site has received brilliant feedback from new and existing customers.

More importantly, only 2 days after launch we held at least one of the top three positions in google for our core search terms.

More importantly, the new site has increased conversion of site visits to enquiries by 464% year on year