Nationwide Building Society

Transforming internal systems and delivering business change for the well-known high-street lender.


Nationwide is the worlds largest building society, with 31,000 staff managing £193bn+ assets. A major presence on the high-street, consistently ranked #1 for customer satisfaction. NBS are in the first stage of a transformation towards a new best in class intranet.


An out of date, unsupported platform, not fit for purpose, causing problems around knowledge management and customer service. Lack of governance, leading to a large, inconsistent and unreliable content estate. A complex stakeholder landscape, with commercial and regulatory constraints around change and governance.


Find one single thing that will make someone try the new intranet once. Have lots of other things that are great reasons to return. Make all of it beautifully easy to use.

By using small tricks to get people online - for example, using the photo on their employee pass as their default intranet picture (a picture that is often terrible and that people are keen to change) - we then believed that they would stay to see the rest of the tools and features online.

Creative solution:

Business mapping and analysis to define the vision, aligning the intranet with organisational objectives.

Our parallel workstreams then took a user-centred design methodology, involving over 3,000 employees

Content strategy,governance and change management were needed in place to bring the estate under control

Deployment of a best in class technology platform, architected around the users, designed to engage and support.

Further detail:

A pre-launch cohort of employees from across the organisation were given access to the beta surveyed: 93% like the look and feel 98% feel it will help them in their job

“I had a play around with the new Intranet yesterday – it’s far more user friendly than the old Intranet.”

“Searching for things is similar to google so it brings up every page that has the words in that you have searched – meaning gone are the days of making customers wait around whilst you find key information!”