Nordoff Robbins


Nordoff Robbins is the UK’s leading charity providing music therapy. Prior to their new website they were the un-sung hero of the sector and needed an online presence that better represented their position and supported their future development. As a charity not in receipt of government funding, their work is reliant upon donations, In turn, donations and enquires are dependent on the website as the key communication channel and resource for a diverse audience.


The previous Nordoff Robbins site was out-dated. It was suffering from:

  • A bitty and disjointed feeling to the site,
  • poor UX design,
  • An unresponsive page layout which was unsympathetic to their varied audiences,
  • repetitive and overcrowded content, and
  • no clear visual identity.

As development began, Nordoff Robbins were announced as the chosen charity for the 2016 Brit Awards. The new site had to go live in under a month to be in time for the ceremony.


Why do Nordoff Robbins carry out the work that they do? The story behind the story was what was really compelling. To bring this to life, simplification was key, with an updated structure to facilitate clearer, shorter user journeys, driving conversions and providing easier content management.

Creative solution

We promoted the success of their services through effective content and telling a compelling story. This was all placed within a bold and vibrant design that reflected the modern and exciting nature of the charity. Content and design working seamlessly together.

Further detail

Working closely and collaboratively with Nordoff Robbins, Reading Room were able to develop a tailored and fresh looking site using Drupal CMS within an exceptionally tight timeframe. The night of the Brit Awards the new Nordoff Robbins site received a significant increase in traffic.

Phase 2 is currently underway, but the difference the new site has made is already evident. The easy accessibility of the site, together with better organised content has enabled Nordoff Robbins Therapists to refer to and use the site to demonstrate the service offering and research – this has resulted in new clients and also a significant increase in applications for training places.

“The website is looking more than BRITs ready, it’s brilliant.”