Building business success with an iterative, agile approach. Reading Room have worked with ŠKODA UK for over 8 years, looking after the ongoing development of the web platform.

The business goals of the site are two-fold – to deliver warm leads to ŠKODA retailers through the request of model test drives, and to deliver an experience of the ŠKODA brand online.

The simple matter is that the two go hand in hand – the way in which users book test drives is as much a brand experience as any of the content on the site, and branded content delivered on the site – if done well – should encourage test drives. Our strategy with ŠKODA is iterative and agile. At the beginning of the year, strategy is set, targets evolve monthly in line with their business performance, ensuring that as the UK business is challenged to deliver on improvements, the website too is challenged.

we are constantly evaluating the performance of the platform

Through AB and multivalent testing, usability testing and expert reviews, we are constantly evaluating the performance of the platform, looking at ways it can be improved. This ongoing research allows us to also regularly review our strategy in view of a rapidly changing marketplace, taking learnings from implementation to constantly evolve the strategy.

The platform

Built on a central installation of Microsoft SharePoint – is constantly pushed to deliver interactive brand experiences, particularly around model launches. To celebrate ŠKODA’s sponsorship of the Tour de France, we also built a dedicated cycling section, showcasing the history of the brand, its relevance to cycling as well as some of the best cycling routes in the UK and Europe. Campaign support continues to evolve, each campaign is not only helping better market a model, but also contributing to the ongoing learnings of how the web platform supports campaign launches.

The approach

This iterative approach has seen us significantly lower bounce rates on campaign pages, increase conversion rates for campaigns and deliver a more in-depth onsite experience enjoyed by more people for longer. More critically, over a 3 year period we have delivered an increase in named leads of 79%, far exceeding our set target. And our work, and targets, continue to evolve as we work to deliver digital strategies that are manifest in a real, functioning web platform.