Reading Room

About us

Reading Room was born in 1996. We realised early on that the internet was going to change everything. It did, and it still is. 


We built a digital consultancy from the ground up that did away with the legacy thinking of the past. Creating nimble multi-disciplinary teams (before we even knew to call it agile). We focused on how people experienced technology. And had a knack for bridging the gap between strategic, design and technical thinking.

Thriving in chaos

The change did not stop – it intensified. With it, industries were formed, and transformed. And Reading Room thrived amongst the chaos ­– winning over 150 industry accolades, and attracting clients and talent hungry to ride the digital wave.

We’re architects of digital change

Today, the challenges are new, but our independence, intensity and entrepreneurial spirit stands constant and proud.  As architects of digital change we see our role as removing the fear of change, closing the knowledge gap, and helping our clients reach their full digital potential.

Our clients

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What’s your potential

We love clients with a challenge, and a drive to use digital as a key competency in their organisation. Get in touch, and let’s create something truly great together.