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By segmenting your audience and creating personas, you can align your business’ goals more closely with the needs of the users you wish to target.

Refining & classifying your audience.

Your audience doesn’t think or behave in a single way. It often has a diverse range of needs and motivations. This is where segmentation comes in.  

Segmentation helps identify distinct groups within your audience. Once you’ve created audience segments,  you can offer a more personalised experience in relation to your product or service.  

With segmentation, we can also create personas. Personas allow us to visualise the characteristics of each segment in the context of individual users and customers. They are fictional profiles that help bring your segments to life. 

 So, why is this activity important? More effective targeting can improve communications and overall user experience, leading to increased loyalty and an increase in conversions. 

We’ll work with you to ensure your users have an enhanced experience that also achieves your business outcomes. We understand the value of balancing your business goals with your user's needs. 

Segmentation And Personas

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