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Could TikTok evolve into the go-to search engine for Gen-Z?

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Could TikTok evolve into the go-to search engine for Gen-Z?

Since the launch of TikTok in late 2016, the platform has experienced significant and rapid growth. However, an area in which some may be surprised to see TikTok excel is through its use as a search engine.

With 40% of Gen-Z now using TikTok as a search engine, the question arises: could TikTok evolve into the go-to search engine for younger demographics?

Let's explore why TikTok is increasingly preferred as a search platform and its potential to become a valid Google competitor amongst Gen-Z users:


  • Trustworthiness: Gen-Z perceives TikTok content as less biased due to its user-generated nature. While the risk of misinformation is still present, users have learnt how to avoid false information.

  • Speed: TikTok is faster than Google at offering Gen-Z relevant content. Its concise video format surpasses Google's traditional text-based search results in terms of speed and accessibility.

  • Personalisation: The platform's algorithm accurately predicts user preferences, often presenting desired content without explicit search queries. This personalised experience not only enhances satisfaction but also streamlines content discovery compared to Google.

  • Interactive: Content on TikTok is dynamic, fast and engaging. Users enjoy the storytelling aspect of the platform and find it more immersive and interactive, than traditional search results. Features like comments, live streams, and short-from videos, keep users increasingly connected to creators.

  • Diverse Views: The platform offers a space for diverse perspectives and opinions, therefore allowing for a wider, more useful variety of reviews. TikTok is an open platform, unlike Instagram, who are now limiting certain content types (e.g political content), currently TikTok remains


The above-listed platform attributes, provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to harness the power of the platform, to access otherwise hard-to-reach groups. TikTok provides an opportunity to build a community around your brand, with content that truly resonates with a very lucrative demographic.

It's worth noting that while TikTok has many benefits, it isn't perfect. It does fall short in handling complex topics, and the ability to filter content by location, for example, so don't drop your SEO efforts in favour of TikTok just yet. Google has actually recognised this risk early, and jumped quickly into partnership discussions with TikTok, exploring the possibilities of integrating Google Search prompts into the platform. This could mean that TikTok wont necessarily be Google's rival, but instead a new element to integrate as part of your SEO strategy.

However, if you are looking to promote new products and services, recipes, music, and fashion advice, all of which are in the top 10 most searched on TikTok, this is a golden opportunity to get started on the platform.


Our Top Five Tips for Successful TikTok Content:


  • Be authentic: The platform prioritises user-generated style content, so make sure your content feels personal, to ensure your content appeals to the TikTok community.

  • TikTok SEO: Yep, TikTok has search engine algorithms, just like Google. In your captions, and in-video wording, make sure you use relevant keywords that appeal to your intended audiences, and try to use relevant and popular sounds/music. The type of content you interact with on the platform, will also alter the audiences your content reaches, so follow, like, and comment, carefully!

  • Don't delete low performing videos: Give the algorithm time - frequent posting, regardless of success, will contribute to your future success. Keep momentum creating quality content - virality most often happens when you least expect it.

  • Stitch top performing videos: If you spot a video within your industry that has flown to success, stitch the video, adding in your expert comments and advice. Just make sure you add relevant and useful information.

  • Try vlog-style videos: Sharing behind the scenes clips, such as content filmed in your office, gives your brand a personality. You don't always need to focus on the hard sell, allow your brand's personality to shine through.


So, now's your chance, following our tips will give you a grounding to authentically reach an incredibly lucrative audience. Creating visual content, and entering a new platform, can be daunting, but the results have the potential to be hugely beneficial for your organisation.

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