Umbraco 9, a state-of-the-art CMS.

We are excited to provide our clients with a new technology that is editor-friendly and fully customisable.

As one of the first CMS platforms on the market to make the move to the .Net 5 framework and ASP.NET Core, it enables our development teams to work with the latest and greatest technologies, enabling career and personal progression within the .Net arena.

Our in-house developers are experts in using enhanced performance frameworks and are already working to ensure our clients are seeing the benefits of this new CMS.

This new updated version offers a simplified content management system, with a modern engine under the hood that allows developers to do more, better, and faster. Improved performance in the new framework means that Umbraco projects will be more streamlined, requiring less resources and making them easily scalable.

Our Lead Developer, Simon Edwards, shares his thoughts:

"The release of Umbraco 9 signifies a major step forward for Umbraco and clients looking to build their websites and applications on this platform.

Umbraco projects will now have a better structure and cleaner architecture. The CMS has also added more tools and capabilities, including compatibility with macOS and Linux, so developers will have more freedom to create amazing websites using Umbraco.

Clients looking to work with Umbraco 9 will also benefit from the improved new features offered with the latest version, along with gains from the updated .Net framework such as performance improvements, less resource-intensive and scalability improvements.

It’s a promising and exciting future ahead all round for projects being built on the Umbraco 9 release."