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Enhancing operations and patient engagement for the UK’s largest private hospital network through digital integration.

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About Circle Health.

Founded in 2004, Circle Health Group stands as the UK's largest national network of private hospitals. With over £1 billion in revenue, 50+ hospitals and offering over 500 treatments across 60 specialties, Circle Health specialises in providing innovative neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services, alongside pathway management services.

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The Challenge.

After Circle Health Group's landmark acquisition of BMI Healthcare, there was a pressing need to integrate and streamline their digital presence, to reflect the expanded capabilities and services. Such digital transformation was crucial for boosting operational efficiencies, elevating data security and increasing patient engagement within the competitive landscape of private healthcare.  Our mission was to continuously improve the user and patient experience, aiding enquires and helping users understand the process, pricing, and benefits of private healthcare.

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Our Solution.

To address this challenge, we developed a transformative digital strategy that encompassed a series of cutting-edge initiatives. This included the creation of comprehensive user personas, designed to help both Reading Room and Circle Health to understand their changing audiences. Post COVID the private healthcare market had seen a shift away from its traditional insurance-based users with more clients from all walks of life choosing a one pay as you go approach to health care. So, Reading Room worked closely with CHG’s experts, data and user groups to refine what these new customers needed from the site and how we could develop user flows, content and information that would aid those groups find the right treatments and services. 

Following on from this we have been rolling out alterations via strategic A/B testing to quickly get new changes to market and assess their impact on patient engagement and conversion. This also included an integration of state-of-the-art machine learning for enhanced contextual search capabilities allowing users to search for natural non-medical language terms to assist them find the right treatment or specialist.  

To enable the continuous development of the CHG website, Reading Room and CHG worked in partnership as a fully agile integrated team, combining the client's internal team with ours. This has greatly increased the velocity of work, allowing quick turnaround of innovation, experimentation and continuous improvement, with the teams releasing improvements every month.

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The Result.

Our strategic development was aimed at unifying the digital experiences across all of Circle Health’s offerings, thereby improving user interface and patient interaction. The new website not only streamlined patient access to healthcare services but also significantly boosted Circle Health's online visibility and reputation as a leader in the healthcare industry. The alliance also leveraged our expert technical guidance to create a digital-first healthcare ecosystem that placed user needs at the forefront. 

We helped Circle Health generate an extraordinary surge in their online engagement, with the website attracting a remarkable 4.2 million unique visitors and facilitating an impressive average of 9,000 monthly bookings. These statistics stand as a testament to the dedication of both Circle Health and Reading Room in redefining healthcare accessibility and convenience through digital innovation.

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